Why This Haunted House Advertisement Was Banned from Facebook

Why This Haunted House Advertisement Was Banned from Facebook

It’s that time special time of year, the time when clowns and monsters are taking over your billboards, your dreams, your city…but this year, not your Facebook feed.

Any advertiser knows that Facebook has some weird rules – but this haunted house is experiencing a whole new type of problem…Facebook says that their content is too scary to be shown on the platform.

Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group opens their brand-new 13th Floor Haunted House location in Houston this fall, but not without some marketing setbacks. Their video trailer for their debut season features all of the monsters that will be in the haunted house…Clown, Necronomicon, the ever terrifying La Llorona, and Mr. Hallows. There’s screaming, there’s action, there’s fun, there’s excitement….and yes, there’s scares. The video shows you exactly what to expect when visiting the new haunted house this year….yet no one was able to see it. Facebook insists that the content is too “shocking” for its users to be subjected to.

We’ve seen the video and love it, but hey, this is hauntedhouse.com. You be the judge. Do you think 13th Floor Haunted House is too much for Facebook users?

This video has since been approved for release. 13th Floor Haunted House opens September 20th and runs through the second weekend of November. You can find more information (and videos) here: https://13thfloorhouston.com