Haunt Room Idea
A quick and inexpensive room idea you can easliy create for your haunt.
By Michael Bruner of The Monster Maze

Money. That's something I don't have much of. I was building a haunted circus room, and I wanted a way to confuse and disorient my guests as much as possible, without spending too much money.
I came up with the rather ingenious idea of using beach balls, which were purchased from the oriental trading company ( http://www.oriental.com ) for about $5 per dozen. I used 2 dozen for this room.

First the walls were painted with multi-colored circles which were the same size as the beach balls, then I hung the balls using twine. It is important to note that the strobe light was hung ABOVE the line of the beach balls, so that the shadows from those balls could be seen on the floor.

I added both actors AND static props to the room, with the strobe light going, it was difficult to tell which monsters were real and which were static props. The effect I wanted was an over whelming sensation of round imagery that maxed out your senses in this room, the dots painted on the walls (which *didn't* move), added to the beach balls that were in bumping you in your face and the shadows of those beach balls on the floor from the
strobe lights(which *did* move), all worked together in unison for VERY disorientating effect (and more importantly, it was a VERY inexpensive room to build AND was VERY memorable for our guests.)

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