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What are Affiliate Programs?

Also known as associate programs, in it's simplest form, an affiliate program is when an online merchant compensates a web site owner/affiliate when a lead or sale is generated.

This is done automatically by a piece of "tracking code" provided by the merchant. When a visitor at the affiliate's site uses these links to generate a click-through, lead, or sale for the merchant, the transaction is tracked online and a commission is earned.

Benefits of Affiliate Program

  • Free to join
  • No order processing
  • No exchanges or return hassles
  • No customer service headaches
  • Commission checks are typically sent monthly
  • Just add a banner or text links to start making money

Halloween-related Affiliate Programs

Nightmare Factory
Payment: 5% of sales
Nightmare Factory is one of the largest online retailers of costumes, props and Halloween merchandise. They've been bringing Halloween to the World Wide Web since 1995.

Halloween Contact Lenses
Payment: 20% of Sale
You will recieve a flat 20% of all sales you generate (excluding shipping).  Their minimum sale is $34.95 so your minimum commission will be $7.00  Average sale is $70.00 so your average commision should be $14.00  Most sales are in the $130.00 range which means your commision would be $26.00.  All this for just refering buyers. Also, if you refer another affiliate, you will get 5% of each and every sale on their website.

Aware of other Halloween affiliate programs on the net? Let us know!

Get the Most from this Marketing Strategy

1. Promote the Selected Affiliate Programs to your own Mailing List.
Utilizing an announcement email list is an easy way to increase traffic and promote affiliate links which can generate supplemental income.

2. Promote non Halloween-related Affiliate Programs for Additional Income
Affiliate programs are just surfacing in the Halloween industry segments, however in other areas, some webmasters are making $1000's each month. Similar to programs listed above, merchants pay on percentage of a sale or lead.

Some savvy web site owners are also cashing in on internet-oriented affiliate programs because any one who receives email is an automatic prospect. One of the most popular affiliate programs is CallWave. It's free internet answering machine software which allows people who have a dial-up account to hear people leave a message while surfing the internet. For each qualified download, the affiliate receives $1.50. With over 40 million prospects eligible for this service, you can quickly see the program's popularity and income potential.

3. Use Your Halloween mailing List to Make Christmas Profits.
More consumers are in search of credit cards offers than at any other time of the year. Coincidentally, many banks are paying $25-$30 for each qualified applicant an affiliate refers. A dozen signups can easily bring you a few extra hundred dollars by merely proving a link to the offer.

Even better, on the list we provide, some of the banks offer commissions ($3-5) per application completed. Even if they are not accepted by the credit card, you can easily make money. I operated a site last year that brought in$1000s of dollars in easy money simply by referring people to worthwhile credit offers. Incredible!

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