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1000 Northview Road


Waukesha 53188




Phone: 262-844-5611


Email: Nightmares4uinc@aol.com

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October 3,4,10,11,17,18,23,24,25,30 - November 1st, see site for specific dates and times!


$13.00 for Morgan Manor $30.00 for all 3 Haunted Houses. Buy your tickets online starting at $20.00 for the first 200 tickets sold each night.





Located in Waukesha and recently VOTED the Number 1 "MUST SEE" Haunted House in AMERICA by Haunted Attraction Magazine. The Wisconsin Fear Grounds consists of 3 Haunted Houses in one location!

Wisconsin's Halloween tradition. Voted the number 1 "MUST SEE" Haunted House in America 2011 and 2012 by Haunted Attraction Magazine. Can you Survive 3 Haunted houses in one location? We are waiting for you in Waukesha WI. NEW for 2014, BLACKOUT, Are you afraid of the Dark? You Should BE!!!



What people are saying You begin with Morgan Manor, my favorite because of all the great attention to detail. When I got sprayed in the face by a dead rodent, I yelled "Oh (expletive)!" and a zombie carrying a head quickly corrected me: "That's not (expletive), that's pee. You should be OK. Now do you want to kiss my head?" Take time to take in every corner of this house because it tickles your senses. CarnEvil, you are squeezed every which way but loose in a dark maze of claustrophobia tunnels. If darkness and being enclosed bother you, this haunt will send you into meltdown. What makes it unique? 3 haunts, and more than 55,000 square feet in one location. spookshow babe said "It's hard to write a review when you are left speechless! I remember many years ago, when Splatter Haus was considered the best haunted house in the area, and at that time, it was very true- however, over the years they have lost that title and I feel that The Wisconsin Feargrounds has taken it!" Kstar wrote -"My friends and I went out to this one again, and although it was CRAZY BUSY, we had a BLAST!! These guys have not disappointed us in the past, and yet again we were amazed with how they keep coming up with new ways to scare us!! All three of the houses were fantastically designed, phenomenal detail, and the actors are non stop! Just pure AMAZING!"

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