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Kitsap Haunted Fairgrounds


1200 Fairgrounds Rd NW


Bremerton 98311




Phone: 3606923558


Email: Info@kitsaphauntedfairgrounds.com

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5-6pm (lights on) 6-11pm


$12, $11 with canned food $20 VIP for front of line and two times thru


Zombies have begun to emerge throughout the fairgrounds - we may have seen the last of Otis and Lester...The entire haunt and waiting areas are indoors. Open last 3 weekends of October, Halloween, and two bonus nights Fri and Sat after Halloween. TOTAL DARKNESS with a few new twists-Intense!

Our October event takes place in 22,000 square feet of indoor space spanning three buildings on the fairgrounds. The entire haunt, ticket booth, and waiting area are indoors. Concessions are also available.



Headline: Meteor strike? There have been several unconfirmed reports of what appeared to be a small meteor strike occurring in the Kitsap area. Some residents also reported an unusual slime substance appearing, and a glowing light coming from within the sheep barn at the fairgrounds shortly after the event. Wild speculation continues about an alien landing... Headline: Slimed While the lab reports of the slime residue found seeping into the fairgrounds are inconclusive, they do indicate a highly unusual molecular structure that has some speculating that it is of alien origins. When put in contact with dead rats, the substance seems to have almost regenerative properties. Headline: Zombies! Otis and Lester have been burying bodies in and around the fairgrounds for years. Weeks after the appearance of strange alien slime in parts of Kitsap County, zombies have begun to emerge throughout the fairgrounds - lots of zombies! We may have seen the last of Otis and Lester…

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