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2225 N Sam Houston Pkwy W


Houston 77038




Phone: N/A


Email: jim@screamworld.com

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September 18th through October 31st


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Screamworld has 5 attractions at 1 location. New for 2010 is Jake's Slaughterhouse. AmericasBestHaunts.com has selected us as 1 of the top haunted attractions in America from 2007-2010. Come see why Screamworld is the most terrifying haunt in Houston.

ScreamWorld is Houston's longest running haunted attraction. It has been selected by AmericasBestHaunts.com for the past 4 years as one of the top haunted attractions in the country. Screamworld is comprised of 5 attractions. The Haunted Hotel has many animatronics and highly detailed scenes. The Edge of Darkness is a traditional style haunted house with a many scares that seem to come out of nowhere. New for 2010 is Jake's Slaughterhouse, a throwback to a 1950's style slaughterhouse, complete with gory sides of beef, gutted hogs, half skinned deer, skinned dogs, body bags and more. Next is the outdoor Psycho Path with it's mutated psychos.


With a mind twisted and perverse, he thinks only of death… and torture. Nothing thrills him more than to see others suffer, and he and his gang enjoy plenty of thrills – all soaked dark with blood. When death finally comes to his victims, it is a blessing – a final release from unbearable pain. Many die with a final, fleeting smile frozen in place.

His name is Jake Slaughter, and in the deep dark of the Houston night, he lurks – hidden from all but those who know to look for him. He has traveled the world over, pursuing the father who abandoned him – all the while honing his skills as a butcher, torturing the innocent and sucking power from their ravaged souls. And from all corners of the earth he has recruited a host of powerful creatures – all as deranged as himself, consumed by a dark lust for cruelty and revenge.

An old, dilapidated building on the northern outskirts of the city became the scene of their final showdown. Tobias Strange, the parent who gave the world this monster, was finally cornered. Jake Slaughter and his followers circled the building and set siege, while Strange and his supporters prepared for the inevitable battle to begin. When it finally came, it was violent and brutal. The slaughter did not end until the walls were covered with blood. To this day, locals call the place Screamworld, remembering the shrieks that filled the skies that night.

Legend has it that Tobias lives to this day, kept just this side of death so that his torture can continue – relentlessly. Of his supporters, the few survivors were given a terrible choice. Those who were unwilling to join the Slaughter gang were enslaved and tortured. The rest were forced to take up residence in Screamworld forever, joining Slaughter’s ghoulish gang.

Even today they wander the halls and grounds in search of new victims to satisfy Jake's unquenchable blood-lust. And in the shadows, they hide… waiting for their next victim… waiting for you.

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