3 HaunTs @ Heart Stopper Fright
333 Our Rd.
Shepherd 77371
Phone: 713-962-2339
Email: sonnym2400@gmail.com
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Hours Sept.21,22,28,29.Oct.5,6,12,13,19,20,26,27,31. Nov.2,3. Dec 14,15,21,22.
Tickets Group of 12=$25.00 each for all three. GA. All 3 Attractions, $30.00
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Can you handle over the top? Climb, crawl, squirm squeeze to the middle of No Where. Our creatures are not going to scare just you, but your unborn children!

At Heart Stopper Fright we have 3 Haunts. These are separate from each other for many reasons. HSF resides on over 13 acres of start to finish TeRRor. Two attractions are outside, one is in. First enter the Woods of the not so Dead, watch what you touch and watch what touches you. LOL.Get lost in the Maze of Eyes Teeth and Claws. For the unnerved, The House of No Mercy! No early exits!

13 acres of TeRRoR, with 3 Killer attractions. We will scare your unborn children. Monsters from across the land gather to bring you fright, laughs, fear, terror and choas.