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Dead Land Haunted Woods


7040 Murfreesboro Rd


Lebanon 37090




Phone: 615-519-3116



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Friday and Sadurday's only 7-12pm & Halloween night


3 attractions for $30



No map available.


Dead Land has three attractions to offer, The Curse The Portal and The maze of Screams.



Come visit Deadland Haunted Woods, the scariest haunted woods in middle Tennessee with three attractions, there is something for everyone. Be taken back in the past in The Curse and discover why the dead won't stay in the ground. Or if classic horror movies are your thing visit The Portal and be transported through your favorite iconic horror scenes. And don't forget our maze packed with clowns, the Maze of Screams, will have you doing just that, as you search for the exist while clowns entertain and frighten you. We're just dying to meet you.

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