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Woods of Terror on Church Street


5601 North Church Street


Greensboro 27455




Phone: N/A


Email: eddie@woodsofterror.com

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See Website woodsofterror.com for latest dates and hours!


call 336-286-9396 for reservation tickets, or visit ticket page at www.woodsofterror.com for more information.


This years new attractions include the "Well of Lost Souls, graveyard, and virus.( complete with Bio-Hazard area) "Blackbeard's Revenge", haunted pirate ship, 3D extreme...the only 3D attraction of it's kind in NC and the new and improved "Claustrophobia" Woods of Terror is not your ordinary, scream-filled haunted attraction. The interactive Halloween event creates an atmosphere of pure horror, making any Alfred Hitchcock movie seem tame by comparison. Twenty acres of rural woodlands is transformed into one of the most intense and terrifying haunted trails in the Southeast. Don’t Fear the Darkness – Fear the Terror that lies within.


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