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The 13th Ward Haunted Attraction
Haunted House in Broken Arrow
We've sent grown men screaming out the door and High Seniors begging for the exit! In 2014 we're coming for YOU! The 13th Ward is Tulsa and Broken Arrow' largest Haunted Attraction. With 30,000 sq ft The 13th Ward submerges you into a chaotic dimension were illusions are reality.

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The Halloween Festival
Haunted House in Muskogee Oklahoma
Come find Halloween thrills for the entire family at the Castle of Muskogee's Halloween Festival. The Castle has ten SPOOKTACLUAR events from NOT scary to REALLY scary.

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The Sanctuary
Haunted House in Oklahoma City OK
The Sanctuary is a high quality, highly detailed Haunted Attraction with Hollywood Movie Style Set Design and State of the Art Special Effects unparalleled in the state. You'll experience walking through a living, breathing Horror Movie

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Trail of Terror
Haunted House in El Reno
A haunted barn

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Twisted Roots Haunted Trail
Haunted House in Ada OK
The Scariest Haunt in Oklahoma. Twisted Roots Haunted Trail is a mile long trail terrorized by the Archibald's, a family of cannibals. Come if you dare, you are invited for dinner.

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Oklahoma Haunted House News

Oklahoma, nicknamed “Sooner” for the people who broke protocol and claimed the land sooner than they were supposed to. Settlements in Oklahoma are from the Native Americans who were forced from the east coast to the plains. The name of the state “Oklahoma” means “red people”. Oklahoma is also a state rich in African American history. The black settlers moved to Oklahoma from the neighboring states. Even though segregation still existed, these settlements thrived. Until the historical Tulsa Race Riot which broke out between the blacks and the Ku Klux Klan in 1921. With the whites attacking the blacks, this ended up being the most costly, both financially and in death toll. The destruction of 35 city blocks, $1.8 million in property damage, and the death toll near 300, lasted 18 hours, is the most disturbing, cruel, violent attack . This attack was during a time of lynching. The stories rang out that vigilantes had taken over and instead of a trial, the group would take the accused from their jail cell and find the closest tree, and lynch them. At first, race was not an issue. But one day, when the tension was at an all-time high, an accused man lay in wait in a jail cell to be seen by a judge. A white mob came out to have a lynching party and the sheriff refused them this black man. When word of this spread, the entire black community came out to help the national guard. They were turned down two times this night. When they were leaving, a shot rang out and the riot began. Death was swarming everywhere. Souls were left to wander Oklahoma, souls which do not know they should have passed over Souls stuck between life and death to do the bidding of the under-lord below. Oklahoma has seen its share and now is paying the price. A state rich in the evils horrors of history is now one of the area’s best vortex of purgatory for the haunt world. Oklahoma contains the spirits of many whose deaths left angry spirits behind who seek revenge. Oklahoma has a multitude of the scariest haunted houses, paranormal activity, haunted mazes, haunted hayrides, ghost tours, forests, attractions and more. Oklahoma is a portal to the depths of the haunt world. Demons and messengers of the under-lord return to experiment and do research in their dungeons and chambers in the chill of the fall, under the spells of pure wickedness. Oklahoma is home to many haunted attractions that are well known in the haunt world. The haunted houses are well worth the trip. These attractions have been seen on many local radio stations, television stations, magazines, and newspapers. Visit this haunted world of twisted and deranged: haunted houses, forests, trails, farms, hotels, asylums, penitentiaries, indoor and outdoor attractions. Oklahoma in at the top of the haunt world and considered the area’s best haunted attractions. Find the most innovative animatronics, scary monsters, creepy zombies, demented demons, creatures from the depths of the underworld, cutting edge technology and have your nightmares brought to life right here in Oklahoma. Don’t wait for a review, go and check it out for yourself. When searching for haunted houses online, Oklahoma has some of the best in the industry.


Ultimate Terrors located in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma, is one of the portals to all that is evil. Visit Skull Manor and learn more about the Skull Family as you wander through the halls haunted by the spirits within. View the family quarters and experience up close and personal encounters with the vilest “Skull” family. Take a trip to the family factory in Code Blue. See what happens when a good doctor changes and goes bad! Experience Terror in 3D Chaos! Your final destination takes you to the crazy world of carnies, disorienting displays, and horrifying good times in state of art 3D. 3D Chaos is the most twisted and mind bending adventure, you will be talking about for months. This maze of adventure will have you experience a dementia that will mess with your mind and have you wondering if what you see is real. Your eyes will deceive. If you have not experienced the new 3D technology, you must come to see what cannot be unseen. Ultimate Terrors is not recommended for children under 11 or people with weak hearts.

The Hex House is located in the heart of south Tulsa at the southeast corner of 71st and Memorial, in Tulsa, Oklahoma (next to Incredible Pizza and across from Woodland Hills Mall). The Hex House is based on a dark and mysterious chapter in Tulsa’s history. A strange investigation unfolded in 1944 surrounding a series of strange and macabre events at the home of Carolann Smith. “The Hex House” is the name given to the case by the local media at the time of the investigation and resulting trial. The case involved such a bizarre tale that it became a local sensation before ultimately passing into Halloween legend and becoming a dark part of Tulsa’s past oft retold by teens in an effort to scare one another. The case centered around a dark mistress named Carolann Smith. She was linked with several mysterious deaths; her husband, who killed himself under mysterious circumstances by the Arkansas River and her maid, who walked directly into oncoming traffic in broad daylight in front of The Hex House (with bystanders describing her as being in a trance-like state). Carolann Smith quickly cashed in life insurance policies on both of them, arousing local suspicions of voodoo and murder. There were reports of midnight burials in the backyard of The Hex House and of strange happenings surrounding the estate. But Carolann Smith’s darkest secrets weren’t revealed until after police searched her home. Police found two women being kept and tortured in a basement under religious slavery, along with a library of books related to magic, witchcraft, religion, and mind-power. The women had reportedly been brainwashed by Carol Ann Smith and were under her control, while the diabolical Ms. Smith was extorting money from the fathers of the women under the false guise of giving them care. No one truly knows what macabre horrors took place inside the walls of The Hex House, as the testimony of the two captives was rambling at best after years of slavery, possession, and dark influences; but the pain, terror, and sheer evil permeated every brick and every board of the structure, forever leaving their dark imprint on Tulsa. For her part, Ms. Smith remained coy and stoic during the resulting trial and she was ultimately convicted of inducing perjury and of mail fraud and she served a prison sentence before disappearing into the dark annals of history without a trace. It is from the mysterious ashes of this bizarre, true story that The Hex House has risen up and returned to invite a new generation of guests into its dark, sinister hallways and ominous rooms. There is no need for movie characters or familiar scenes in The Hex House. You will feel the presence of evil from the moment you pass through the doorway and you will succumb to a terror much more intense and less predictable than anything you’ve seen on a screen. There is no spiritual safety-net inside The Hex House, as the house itself seems to tear at your soul. Carolann Smith sought to master the darkest machinations of the human mind and beyond. The forces she called forth are beyond understanding and they are still very much alive in the walls of The Hex House. When you feel the chill of a ghostly finger running down your spine, you’ll begin to question what is real and what is not… and the line between reality and horror will blur to the point of a waking nightmare. Not all who enter will emerge to tell the tale. The macabre sights and dark anxiety of the experience leave many guests searching frantically for an exit from the haunted hallways. The Hex House is not ordinary entertainment; the sheer terror of the past is brought to life and will test your inner fears.

For those brave enough to survive The Hex House with their souls still intact, the nightmare isn’t over yet…

Terrifying news reports have begun to surface regarding horrifying events near the Green Country Chemical Corporation industrial plant in south Tulsa. Reports vary from a possible airborne illness causing severe delusions and violent cannibalistic behavior to scattered reports of the recently deceased returning to life as bloodthirsty zombies. For those brave enough to investigate, you’ll begin at the site of the first reported attack at the GCCC industrial complex and from there you’ll be sent screaming through the heart of the infected zone, with the living dead ripping at your flesh around every corner. There is no turning back and there is no safety as you pass through the zombie-infested industrial grounds, forests, swamps, and cemetery of The Rise of the Living Dead where visceral horrors await and the next victim is… you.

If the darkness takes your mind and your soul inside the haunted confines of The Hex House, it’s no worry because your body will soon be consumed as well by the flesh-eating zombies as you struggle to escape from The Rise of the Dead…