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The Legends of Horror


6995 Springfield - Jamestown Rd.


Springfield 45502




Phone: N/A


Email: Wizard@thelegendsofhorror.com

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Sept. 21- Nov. 2 2013 Fri. & Sat 8:00PM to 12:30 Open Halloween 8:00PM to 10:30PM


$15.00 (per person)



No map available.


This haunting season, be sure to experience The Legends Of Horror as your scariest nightmares become your worst reality. In twenty scenes of twisted and wicked mayhem, you'll meet the horror legends of past and present.


OHIO- Check out why Horror Acres was awarded “Most Improved Attraction” and “Most Climactic Finish” in 2012 by Ohio Valley Haunts. We are ranked in the top 2013 Pre-Season Top 13 Attractions by " Ohio Valley Haunts "

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