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Cantine Haunted Estates


455 Washington Ave Ext


Saugerties 12477




Phone: 845-246-4501


Email: puttinplus@gmail.com

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Every weekend from September 28 to November 3


$15 per person


Directions to Cantine Haunted Estates

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The # 1 Haunt in the Catskills located in Saugerties in Ulster County, New York. Main attractions of the Gruesome Graveyard inhabited by Hungry Wolves and Vicious Vampires. Dangerous Dungeons filled with Deadly Dread and Darkness - with captives tortured beyond recognition.

A Mystifying Maze alive with unnerving sounds as it twists and turns. Treacherous Tunnels of Terror will scare you out of your mind! Leaving you to remember -(ALWAYS!)- Cantine Haunted Estates.


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