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66 Lee Road (Route 155)


Lee 03824




Phone: 603 868 2111


Email: contact@hauntedoverload.com

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Advanced Tickets only. Purchase at the farmstand or online.




Haunted Overload blends its astounding handmade sets, gigantic monsters and spellbinding costumes with spectacular sound and lighting to create a terrifying and unique Halloween experience. The vibrant, organic design, set in an eerie dark forest, creates a unique Halloween experience like no other.

Haunted Overload is located at Demeritt Hill Farm in Lee, NH. Known for handmade props, organic design and spectacular visuals, it has gained a reputation in the region as a top notch scarefest, bringing dedicated terror enthusiasts from as far away as Maryland, Ohio and Alaska. The scare industry has routinely placed Haunted Overload on the list of top haunts in the United States. It has become one of the most unique and artistic Halloween attractions in the country, and its characters take a great deal of pride in scaring the daylights out of thousands of visitors during the last three weekends of October every year. 


Fear fans will discover a truly unique and spectacular experience when they visit Haunted Overload. Patrons have come to expect the bloodcurdling horrors and gigantic forty-foot monsters for which Haunted Overload is well known. The faint of heart can visit on Frite Nite Lite, to see the incredible visuals without the scares, and if you’re a true coward (or just too young to deal with the full experience) there is a day haunt throughout the end of October where patrons may visit the sets and props in the reassuring sunlight. And throughout it all, they can take comfort in the fact that every scream helps an animal in need--a portion of the proceeds from the attraction benefit the Cocheco Valley Humane Society.

Haunted Overload has merited repeated mentions on the yearly Top Haunts lists from Fangoria, the Weather Channel and Hauntworld magazine. It was also included on Hauntworld's top 20 list of Most Influential Haunts of All Time. Haunted Overload has made two appearances on episodes of NH Chronicle and was featured in Business NH magazine. They appeared on the cover of Hauntworld magazine, and have contributed numerous articles for the publication. Currently they are on the voting poll for Top Haunts magazine's Top 20 Haunted Attractions in the World.

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