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Haunted Acres
Haunted House in Candia NH
Haunted Acres is located in Candia, New Hampshire and features 5 terrifying Halloween attractions with unlimited fear and fun along the way!
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Fright Kingdom
Haunted House in Nashua NH
This October, FEAR will have an all-new name… NEW ENGLAND FEARFEST at FRIGHT KINGDOM!!! Located just 50 feet from the highway, and ALL INDOORS, NEW ENGLAND FEARFEST brings the Southern New Hampshire area a brand new arsenal, RAIN or SHINE!!! With 5 Haunted Attraction of 'Scary' not Spooky Entertainment.
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Nightmare New England & SpookyWorld!
Haunted House in Litchfield
One of Americas largest & most terrifying Halloween Scream Parks featuring SIX Haunted Attractions, the Monster Midway, live music, rides, games, restaurant, bar, Zombie Paintball and more! VOTED ONE OF AMERICAS BEST HAUNTS FOUR YEARS IN A ROW!
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Factory of Terror MA
Haunted House in Fall River MA
Upscale haunted house with 30 rooms of terror. This factory building has been abandoned and haunted for the past 100 years with passageways behind the spirit filled walls and underground tunnels, one of which leads to Lizzie's bedroom where the infamous murders took place. Bring a friend! You'll see why!
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Destination Haunt
Haunted House in Lebanon Maine
Destination Haunt is a self guided haunted attraction that will take you thru the following areas: Scorched House, the Meathouse, Hobo Village, the Execution Center, Buried Alive Cemetery, Lebanon Lab, the Boathouse and the Outlaws ( new for 2014)! Voted SCARIEST haunted house in Maine!
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Haunted House in Lee NH
Haunted Overload blends its astounding handmade sets, gigantic monsters and spellbinding costumes with spectacular sound and lighting to create a terrifying and unique Halloween experience. The vibrant, organic design, set in an eerie dark forest, creates a unique Halloween experience like no other.
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NH Lions Haunted House
Haunted House in Litchfield NH
NH Lions Join with Nightmare New England and Spooky World to Present Lights on Haunted House Tours for Kids. Oct 17 & Oct 24 2010 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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Zombie Walk
Haunted House in Lee NH
Come see if you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse. You will be guided on a 20 minute tour of where the outbreak began, armed with paintball guns and enough ammo to take on a small army of zombies.

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Zombie Walk
Haunted House in Lee nh
Test your zombie hunting skills. Come see if you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse. You will be guided on a 20 minute tour of where the outbreak began, armed with paintball guns and enough ammo to take on a small army of zombies.

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New Hampshire Haunted House News

New Hampshire haunted houses will have you screaming all night. Fright Kingdom, Haunted Acres, Haunted Overload, and Nightmare New England and Spookyworld have the best reviews in New Hampshire. Nightmare Litchfield Haunted Houses offers 5 scares in 1 location New England and Spookyworld: Ravens Claw Resurrection, Brigham Manor, Riverside Hospital, The Colony, and Freak Show in 3D. New Hampshire offers up the scariest haunted houses. Come join the screams at Haunted Acres. Haunted Acres offers many attractions to keep your blood pumping. Five haunted houses in Haunted Acres: Quarter Mile Nightmare Walk, Graveyard of the Damned, Maze from Hell, 3D Nuclear Accident House and Cell Block 13. Don’t forget to visit the other many haunted houses in New HampshireFright Kingdom and Haunted Overload.


New Hampshire, a state well known for trials of witches and the curses they conjured. Men, women, and children came from England to continue their practice of witchcraft and sorcery only to be persecuted. The 17th century brought about the fear and beliefs that these witches caused unusual things to happen once you crossed their path. Speaking to animals, conjuring spells to bring on illness or death, marks of the devil on their bodies, unusual actions, and unexplained occurrences were all blamed on the witches. Tried, convicted, jailed, or executed for having familiarity with the devil has conjured the souls of all the sorcerers, witches, and worshippers of the devil to the portals which open around the tenth month of every year, during harvest, to torment their captors and their families. New Hampshire contains the spirits of these angry spirits behind. Many were found guilty of familiarity with Satan, now messengers of the under-lord do his bidding to torment and entice the souls of the living. New Hampshire has seen its share and now paying the price. Rich in the evils of history is now one of the area’s best in the haunt world. New Hampshire is pivotal in the vortex of evils and of the ancient history of our country. New Hampshire contains the spirits of many whose deaths left angry spirits behind who seek revenge. New Hampshire has a multitude of the scariest haunted houses, paranormal activity, haunted mazes, haunted hayrides, ghost tours, paranormal activity, manors, attractions, schoolhouses, trails, forests, towns, and more. New Hampshire is a portal to the depths of the haunt world. Demons and messengers of the under-lord return to experiment and do research in their dungeons and chambers in the chill of the fall under the spells of pure wickedness. New Hampshire is home to many haunted attractions that are well known in the haunt world. The haunted houses are well worth the trip. These attractions have been seen on the Weather Channel, the Travel Channel, americasbesthaunts.Com, and seen on many of the local television, radio stations, magazines, and newspapers. Visit this haunted world of twisted and deranged: haunted houses, forests, trails, farms, mazes, hotels, asylums, penitentiaries, castles, indoor and outdoor attractions. New Hampshire is at the top of the haunt world and considered the area’s best haunted attractions. Find the most innovative animatronics, scary monsters, creepy zombies, demented demons, creatures from the depths of the underworld, cutting edge technology and have your nightmares brought to life right here in New Hampshire.


Nightmare New England, in Litchfield, New Hampshire, alongside the banks and forest of the Merrimack River, brings your fears and nightmares to life. Six haunted attractions and Monster Midway has something for everyone to fear. Freaking characters freely roam the grounds of the Scream Park. Monster Midway has restaurants, bars, go-carts, themed mini-golf, and more. Nightmare New England is the largest most terrifying haunted house in the northeast. Halloween is not just a holiday, it's a destination. Will you fall victim in The Colony? Welcome to our family, on a trip through the disturbing, eerie walk into the dark demented woods. What you experience, you will never forget. Fear the dark, The Catacombs will torment even the most courageous. The deeper you go the more intense the fear. Fear what's in the dark, not the dark itself. Join us in Torment to face your phobias. Arachnids, serpents, clowns, or claustrophobia an issue, it will be once inside our museum of the most common fears. Willow's Asylum, deep in the thick dense trees, the long abandoned asylum still houses the souls of the tortured. Screams echo throughout the trees and visions of the rivers of blood stains the community. For fear, the townspeople fled, so not to be admitted to the asylum for "experimentation" by the cruel doctors within. Suffocating darkness will bring your nightmares alive in the House of Eternal Darkness. The House of Eternal Darkness has no light, no way to see where you are going, or what is creeping right next to you. Don't panic, don't get lost, for fear lurks and thrives in the House of Eternal Darkness. Evil clowns, starving zombies, a mutant army of mutants will bend your mind in the newly redesigned labyrinth of our Freak Show in 3D. Will you become a part of our main attraction or maneuver through the labyrinth of laboratories, mazes, carnival attractions, and sewers? Make this a yearly destination; we want to bring your nightmares to life here at Spooky World and Nightmare New England. Haunted Acres in Candia, New Hampshire is New England’s Most Terrifying and Exciting Haunted Attraction boasts five attractions that will have your hair standing on ends, your bones chilled, and your heart racing with fear. Quarter Mile Nightmare Walk in the deepest darkest woods is sure to challenge the seasoned thrill seeker. It is not a request to wear sneakers; you will be running for your life. The Graveyard of the Damned will freak out anyone who worries about walking in a cemetery, after sundown this place comes alive with tortured creatures. The inhabitants are not happy with visitors and seek revenge for the situation they have been subject to. These violent psychos are out for blood, it just might be yours. Take a trip to the edge of darkness in the Maze from Hell. Darkness is your enemy or is it? Wind through this maze of black with its creatures that thrive on your screams and smell of the pure terror you experience. Your escape is necessary for your survival amongst the evil that lives within this Maze of Hell. The fallout is nearby and with the use of the new 3D glasses your experience inside the 3-D Nuclear Accident House is an experience that is indescribable. The reactor has been sabotaged and radiation has created mutant lunatics who have taken over. Wear the special radiation glasses when you go through as they will help you see through the clouds of radioactive steam. Cell Block 13 houses experimental labs, guard quarters, and miles of secret tunnels that lead to the disturbing depths of the base. Be warned the flesh eating inmates are not friendly and the walls may come alive to squeeze the terror out of you. Not a place to be if you are claustrophobic or nyctophobic (afraid of the dark). Don’t wait for a review, come on in and see for yourself what all the talk is about. Fright Kingdom voted one of America’s Best Haunts is located in Nashua, New Hampshire. Known as New England’s Largest Indoor ScreamPark, Fright Kingdom is open rain or shine! Bloodmare Manor is an old Victorian style home built in the 1800’s and holds all the skeletons of the families past. For real, the skeletons have never been laid to rest and they are still in the manor. The sordid past of the Bloodmare family unravels as you meander through the twisted and gruesome mysteries of this family of cannibals. Each twist takes you deeper into your own fear and the fear of things to come.

Vampire Castle, the castle of the undead, is silent during the daylight and comes alive upon the setting of the sun. Bone Chilling shrieks and dastardly deeds occur from dusk til dawn. With each step you take into the Vampire Castle, your spine will tingle with chill of the wickedness that haunts this house and its residents. Beware as the undead search for immortal delights and you may be on the menu. Come one; come all to see the Psycho Circus by Ezra Bloodmare. His family legacy followed him where ever he traveled, the abuse he inflicted on his workers, mysterious accidents, some fatal, befell his Big Top Circus. Ezra snapped and took the life of all of his staff. This staff comes together every year for one final performance during the harvest season for all to experience. For the show must go on......surpassing life and even death. Haunted Overload of Lee, New Hampshire; a New England autumn would not be complete without the thrills and chills of Halloween. Haunted Overload's name says it all in describing the spectacular thrills and chills that awaits patrons every October. Consistently rated one of the top haunted attractions in the United States, Haunted Overload blends its astounding handmade sets, gigantic monsters and spellbinding costumes with spectacular sound and lighting to create a twisted, terrifying Halloween experience like no other. The vibrant, organic design of Haunted Overload is more frightening than ever in one of the spookiest patches of deep forest that DeMerrit Hill Farm has to offer. Fear fans will not be disappointed, and can expect the bloodcurdling horrors and gigantic forty-foot monsters for which Haunted Overload is well known. The faint of heart can visit on Frite Nite Lite, to see the incredible visuals without the scares, and if you’re a true coward (or just too young to deal with the full experience) there is a day haunt throughout the end of October where patrons may visit the sets and props in the reassuring sunlight. And throughout it all, they can take comfort in the fact that every scream helps an animal in need--a portion of the proceeds from the attraction benefit the Cocheco Valley Humane Society.

Haunted Overload has merited repeated mentions on the yearly Top Haunts lists from Fangoria, the Weather Channel and Hauntworld magazine. It was also included on Hauntworld's top 20 list of Most Influential Haunts of All Time. Haunted Overload has made two appearances on episodes of NH Chronicle and was featured in Business NH magazine. They appeared on the cover of Hauntworld magazine, and have contributed numerous articles for the publication. Currently they are on the voting poll for Top Haunts magazine's Top 20 Haunted Attractions in the World.

The three-way partnership between Demerrit Hill Farm, Cocheco Valley Humane Society, and Haunted Overload is an exciting blend of family fun and nighttime terrors, and Haunted Overload has made Lee, New Hampshire into a Halloween must-see.