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Field of Screams X


4055 N. Tyler


Maize 67101




Phone: 316-303-2037


Email: screams@prairiepines.com

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Sept 19,20 26,27..Oct 3,4,10,11,12,17,18,19,24,25,26,30,31..Nov 1..Gates open at 7


Field of Screams IV Ticket $20 or $30(fast pass), Operation Zombie Hunt ticket is $15 or $25 fast pass.......Combo Ticket for Field of Screams and Operation Zombie Hunt is $25 or $40 (fast pass combo),



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Field of Screams X Photos


Experience Kansas's largest, most unique haunted event. TWO FULL SIZE attractions in one location. This year the "Field" and "Clown Town" are combined into one event! The Field has also brought back OPERATION ZOMBIE HUNT! Come see why the "Field" is where Kansas comes to scream!

Experience Kansas's largest, most unique haunted event. This year the Spurlock's are back and the clans are united. Evil lurks behind every turn in the corn and the twisted circus tents! Part of this experience is in 3D! This year the Field also has Operation Zombie Hunt. On this interactive ride, you fight the walking dead with mounted paintball guns on custom built trailers!


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