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Haunted Hotel - 13th Floor
Haunted House in Huntington IN
Haunted Hotel-13th Floor dares you to check in. Warwick Hotel is bigger and better! Not 3D, but 4D. Damian Warwick was suspected of the 302 deaths with Warwick Hotel burning to the ground in 1904. Where your worst fears & darkest horrors come alive!
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Haunted Cave at Lewisburg
Haunted House in Lewisburg OH
What's Scarier than REAL CAVE? REALLY located eighty foot BELOW ground! Awarded World's Longest Haunted House in 2010! 30,000bats!HOTTEST HAUNT GOING by HOD, BEST OF DAYTON,Consecutive Haunt of Year and numberous individual awards Best ACTOR etc.Over 60 minutes of screams!
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Fear Itself
Haunted House in Mishawaka IN
There is nothing to fear but FEAR ITSELF. Take A Terrifying Journey that you’ll never forget! 5 Astonishing Attractions: Cuckoo's Nest, Sinister Circus, Bloody Bayou Swamp, 13th Hour, Rock Monkey Caves… all at the Incredible Legend Skream Park. Fear Itself is the Ultimate Event!
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Indiana Fear Farm
Haunted House in Jamestown Indiana
INDIANA FEAR FARM IS BACK! IF you want FEAR, If you want FUN, If you want a FULL EVENING of LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, you get it ALL for one low price at INDIANA FEAR FARM! You're just minutes away from...FARM...FRESH...FUN!
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The Haunted Angleus House
Haunted House in Indianapolis Indiana
The Haunted Angelus House is a horrifying haunted house event to benefit THE ANGELUS, a Cerebral Palsy group home, and designed to scare the life out of you!!!
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Hanna Haunted Acres
Haunted House in Indianapolis
This popular Halloween haunted attraction in Indianapolis, Indiana has been going strong since 1992 and seemingly continues to expand its offerings each new season. Hanna Haunted Acres offers 6 different attractions
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Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare
Haunted House in Villa Park
The September 26 opening night will feature a special one-night concert with groundbreaking musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie himself.
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Barn of Terror
Haunted House in Bloomington IN
The Barn of Terror awaits you in rural Bloomington, Indiana! Near the legendary Stepp Cemetery, the Barn will terrify and thrill you as you encounter dozens of creatures, monsters and maniacs! Food and beverages are available on site in our Restaurhaunt! CASH ONLY.

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Barn Of Terror Noblesville
Haunted House in noblesville indiana
**WE CHANGED OUR "HALLOWEEN" NIGHT TO FRIDAY NOV 1ST 7-10PM DUE TO THE RAIN FORECASTED FOR THURSDAY!! The BARN OF TERROR is stepping up its game this year. We have 3 haunted attractions for the price of 1. Come out and see if you can SURVIVE!!

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Cedar Rock Haunted Trail
Haunted House in Morgantown
Cedar Rock Haunted Trail is the longest and scariest haunted trail in the Mid-West. Located in Brown County just 30 min. from Bloomington and 20 min from Greenwood.

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Indiana Haunted House News

Indiana has some of the best-haunted houses. Haunted Hotel-13th Floor is rated one of the best haunted houses in Indianapolis.  Haunted House in Indianapolis helps support Cerebral Palsy at The Haunted Angleus House. Take a drive in search for Haunted Houses in Indiana.  Huntington, Mishawaka, and Jamestown offer other chances to encounter Indianapolis Haunted Houses. Mishawaka offers 5 sinister attractions in one at Fear Itself. Fear Itself includes The Cuckoo’s Nest, 13th Hour 4D, Rock Monkey Caves, Sinister Circus and Lost in the Woods. Load the car down and make that journey to embody Indiana’s Haunted HousesIndiana Fear Farm in Jamestown has haunted hayride that will have you screaming for your momma.



Fear Itself of Mishawaka, Indiana will show you “there is nothing to fear except Fear Itself!” Located at Legend Skream Park in the heart of Mishawaka, this multi attraction event has something for everyone. Come one, come all to the event you would not want to miss. Do you love the circus? Our creepy, crazed, and corrupt clowns are here to bring alive your worse nightmare and welcome new horrors. Sinister Circus is where the fun stops and the terror begins. Venture through the longest Spinning Tunnel, tempt the largest living Dot Room, and brave the longest most intense claustrophobic challenge. Sinister Circus is full of entertainment and danger, freaky, fun and the best by far. Visit the “World’s Best Dark Attraction” Cuckoo’s Nest! Known also as the “World’s Most Insane Asylum”, here in Mishawaka, Cuckoo’s Nest gets better every year. Monstrous Nurse Hatchett and her out of control staff is the most radical, insane, over-the-top experience for even the most seasoned thrill seekers. Tours of this crazy facility may leave you in stitches, but not the ones from laughing. Run, run fast or die slowly amongst the Rock Monkey Caves! With razor sharp teeth, deafening screeches, rock-like bones, with lightning speed gives the Rock Monkeys their advantage within their home confines of the caves. Make it out alive or succumb the terror within Take a journey through the imagination of 13th Hour 4D Amazement! You won’t believe your eyes, ears, or other senses on your journey through a new dimension. Vivid color, 3D paintings, spectacular lighting, entertainment and special effects, difficult to describe and fascinating to discover, will create the desire for you to return again and again. Fear Itself will also fascinate and amaze you with Colonel Hundsley’s Sinister Sideshow. Come one; come all to see our sword swallowing, fire breathing, glass eating and most sinister Colonel Hundsley. Don’t try this at home.

Indiana Fear Farm invites you for a hayride which will scare the living daylights out of you! Explosions, spine-tingling thrills, 20 minute ride through the forest of evil is the area’s best Haunted Hayride. Jamestown, Indiana is host to Indiana Fear Farm which is bigger and better than ever. Bring your whole family on a Haunted Hayride into the depths of the wicked dark forest and see what everyone is talking about. Looking for a more intense encounter with the cruel evil that lurks about? Test your courage in Indiana’s scariest Slaughter Barn. Crawl fast, climb quickly, and slide your way through this bloody, gruesome paranormal mayhem of disturbing proportion. Slaughter Barn is a no holds barred, high action extreme scare challenge of a lifetime. Not intended for those with a heart condition, pregnant, or children under 8. Many, who enter, don’t make it all the way through. Can you? Stay for one of our three bonfires or come on into the indoor cafe for a bite to eat. We know there is nothing like Halloween to put a chill through your bones.