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THE MASSACRE Haunted House


299 Montgomery Road


Montgomery 60538




Phone: 7083203327


Email: info@themassacrehaunt.com

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September 27 - November 1st 2014


$20.00 The Massacre $23.00 The Massacre & Fear Factory 3D $35.00 VIP For Both Haunts


Directions to THE MASSACRE Haunted House


NEW 20,000 Square Foot Location for 2014! Work up your nerves and step in to one of the top ten scariest attractions in the Midwest, The Massacre Haunted House and Fear Factory 3-D.

Work up your nerves and step in to one of the top ten scariest attractions in the Midwest, The Massacre Haunted House and Fear Factory 3-D. Newly renovated and ready to deliver the scares, The Massacre offers over 15,000+ sq. ft. of sheer nightmares for your enjoyment. This custom built haunted house allows visitors to walk through in small groups of six to seven and is designed to give teenagers through adults the scare of their lives! Focusing on fear and fright, this haunted labyrinth dishes up over 50 rooms of pure terror where 60+ ghastly clad actors are waiting to scare and delight. Frightening mazes, eerie animatronics, and beyond is ready to fill your October with chills and thrills. The Massacre added a 2nd Haunt "Fear Factory 3-D" A one a kind attraction that delivers 3-D effects when you wear special 3-D Glasses provided by the Haunt.


A HAUNTING IN NAPERVILLE BEGINS OCTOBER 4, 2012. THE MASSACRE HAUNTED HOUSE IS READY TO SCARE. COME IF YOU DARE! NAPERVILLE, IL ( September 27, 2012) - The Massacre Haunted House and Fear Factory 3D, two of the most popular haunted attractions in Illinois, cracks its doors on October 4th, 2012 for another horrifying season. The Massacre Haunted House has been voted the top 3 Haunts of Illinois by HauntWorld. There is good reason for this honor. The Massacre has two haunts in one location, the first is the Massacre Haunted House and the second is Fear Factory 3D, which is the only one of its kind in the area. These attractions offer the best for those who want to be scared out of their wits, with over 70 animatronics, over 50 themed rooms and 40-50 actors every night. No “scare tactic” has been left out of this attraction and will provide a terrifying experience for those who dare to go through. Massacre Haunted House boasts the scariest, intense haunt that will implant fear this Halloween season. "This October, we will be taking fear to the extreme," says Creative Designer of
The Massacre, Ryan Burke.  The Massacre offers two haunted attractions for 2012: The Massacre & Fear Factory 3D. These are high shock haunted houses with horrifying gruesome scenes; they are not meant for children under 14," Ryan warns. "The 2 haunts are specifically designed to implant fear and
exploit all of the senses. You will not be safe from fear even if you are standing in the center of your group, as a matter a fact, some props and actors are timed to target the end and middle of the group."

"We've completely redesigned both of our haunted houses for 2012, and added over 15 New Rooms" Ryan explains. Fear Factory 3D was new in 2011 and uses similar 3D technology to that used in the movie theaters. Ryan's team has developed a method to make objects, set pieces, and actors appear in 3D inside the haunted house by using special glasses. "It’s something you really have to see, we pay close attention to detail as well as having the most advanced technologies in special effects,"

The Massacre Haunted House & Fear Factory 3D are located at 3440 Odyssey Court in Naperville, IL. They are open on most nights from October 4th through November 3rd. The mayhem begins at 7pm each night, and goes to midnight on weekends. A complete schedule of dates and times is available on the website.

For more information, please visit The Massacre Haunted House at http://www.FearTheMassacre.com or call them at 708-320-FEAR.

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