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Paranoia Haunted House


261 Marietta Road


Canton 30114




Phone: 678-793-1544


Email: dave@paranoiahaunt.com

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The whole month of October


$20 per ticket for our main attraction "Trauma Center" and $25 per ticket for a combo ticket. The combo ticket gives you special access to our second haunt "The Darkside!"





North Georgia's largest and most talked about haunted houses! featuring two large attractions, Shocking special effects and horrifying live actors, you will walk unguided through our hallways and face your worst fears.

Located at 261 Marietta Road, Canton, GA 30114 Please Visit www.paranoiahaunt.com for complete details.


4 out of 5 severed Heads says Atlanta Haunt review! We recently got to use our surprise tickets to evaluate Paranoia Haunted House later in the haunt season. We are very excited to announce that they are continually working on improvements and blew us away. This time we are both in agreement that this attraction rates a solid four severed heads and is going to become a force to be reconned with. Their darkness is pitch black right where it needs to be and their acting staff had amazing timing. It was incredible to hear Bryan say that he actually got chills during one of the scenes! Good luck dealing with your own paranoia as you attempt to deal with Paranoia. Rated the top haunt in Georgia by Georgia Haunt Review! The must see new haunt in Georgia! If you want scary, they give it to you in a big way.

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