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Netherworld Haunted House


6624 Dawson Blvd


Norcross 30093




Phone: N/A


Email: questions@fearworld.com

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EVERY nightly now through Nov. 2, Nov 7th an 8th.. Hours: Sun-Thurs 7:30pm-11pm, Friday & Sat. 7pm-Midnight Nov 7th and 8th 7PM - 11PM


Prices vary. See www.fearworld.com for details


NETHERWORLD Haunted House is an unguided, walk-through dark attraction filled with terrifying live actors, amazing special effects, and incredible monsters. Open NIGHTLY now through Nov. 2.

SEASON OF THE WITCH! Ancient evil things from the outer void have sent the Dead Ones to destroy us for forgetting the old ways. But the Witches think they can save mankind by making us suffer! Monsters, curses and horrors beyond reckoning will mark The Season Of The Witch! New for 2014: The Necromancer and his Army of Corpses! The Soul Seeker! The Ruins of Cronus! The Hexan Horseman! In the House of The Giant! The Primeval Jungles of YS! Chainsaw Bisection! The Laughing Corpse! Flesh Eating Mega Fauna! The Cursed! The Tomb Monkeys! Flying Warlocks! The Hidden Ogre! The Dryads! The Red Room and the Snake Dragon are only a few of the hideous things you will experience in NETHERWORLD: Season Of The Witch! SPLICED Under the direction of the insidious MANGLER, PlasmaCorp Enterprises had begun creating human clones and harvesting their organs, blood and tissue for the medical black market. Using an amped up version of the zombie resurrection drug NECROMUTIN 7 to accelerate their growth proved disastrous however as the clones mutated into massive blood maddened monsters and began destroying the facility and infecting and consuming the entire staff! You must enter PlasmaCorp and seal the lab before they escape and contaminate everyone in their path! NETHERWORLDS Bloodiest Show Ever! NEW in 2014 The Bottomless Escape Shaft! The Crimson Beam Decontamination Tunnel! Blood Maddened Clones! The Flesh Vats! Morphing Monsters! The Radioactive White Room!, The Mega Spawn! The Multi Beast! The Fiend from Inside! The Envelopers! The Extermination Squad! More mind melting high powered science fiction gore than you can imagine!



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