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Netherworld Haunted House


6624 Dawson Blvd


Norcross 30093




Phone: N/A


Email: questions@fearworld.com

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EVERY nightly now through Nov. 3. Hours: Sun 7pm-11pm, Mon-Thurs 7:30pm-11pm, Friday & Sat. 7pm-Midnight


You have two ticket options: * For $22 per person on Sun-Thur, you can see the main haunt, BANSHEE ($25 per person Fri or Sat) * For $28 per person on Sun-Thur, Combo Ticket: BANSHEE & THE HIVE ($30 per person on Fri or Sat) You ma


NETHERWORLD Haunted House is an unguided, walk-through dark attraction filled with terrifying live actors, amazing special effects, and incredible monsters. Open NIGHTLY now through Nov. 2.

The BANSHEES wail in hunger for the souls of Mankind! Its cry means death as it opens the doorway to the NETHERWORLD! Back in '62, a scientist started work on a radiation survival vaccine by mixing human and insect DNA. See his results in The HIVE!


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