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Browse through a large number of Haunted Houses and other Haunted Places in Florida. Each year we bring you the scariest places in Florida and this year is no different. So get out and find a Haunted Place or some other Haunted House in Florida and get your scare on!

The Asylum Haunted House
Haunted House in Cape Canaveral Florida
The Asylum Haunted House is a terrifying and fear inducing labyrinth comprised of over 3,500 square feet of sheer horror.

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The Asylum Haunted House
Haunted House in Port Canaveral Florida
The Asylum Haunted House in Port Canaveral is in it’s 5th year in operation and has welcomed ten of thousands of terrified visitors. It is not for the faint of heart. It is very dark and windy, there are small spaces, and things will touch you. If you’re brave enough come for a visit.

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The Boneyard
Haunted House in Riverview FL
Free walk through yard haunt for trick-or- treaters in South Fork Subdivision. Full of creepy characters, Highly detailed, custom built sets, props and special effects. Not to be missed!

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The Haunted Estate
Haunted House in Brandon
Dare to enter The Doctor's Revenge at the Haunted Estate.

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The Haunted Ranch
Haunted House in Bradenton FL
The Haunted Ranch 7 PM to 9 PM is scary 9 PM to 1 AM is beyond scary; young children beware

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X-Scream Halloween
Haunted House in Palm Springs, Florida Florida
South Florida's Largest Haunted House - over 60,000 sq. ft. of murder, mayhem and the macabre. All new for 2013 - now in our 8th year! More scares, more vendors, more entertainment! Family Friendly.

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Florida Haunted House News

Florida has some of the scariest and best haunted houses. Hudson Haunted House includes the Haunted Angelus House. The Angelus Haunted House helps support The Angelus for Cerebral Palsy Group Home. Clermont Haunted Houses serves up some Terror on the Lake. Jacksonville Beach Haunted Houses will triple your delight. Haunt Nights offers 3 Haunted Houses in one location. Carnieville, Apocalypse: Haunted 3D House, and Dark Fables is worth trip. Wicked clowns and infested zombies keep you coming back for Florida’s Haunted Houses.



Night Terrors Haunted House in Jacksonville, Florida is the most terrifying haunted house in Jacksonville. Night Terrors Haunted House is equated with being inside a live horror film. Each of the three haunted attractions is filled with high tech special effects, realistic sets, and professional actors. Night Terrors will bring your nightmares and fears to life. Outbreak, avoid the infected at all cost in this haunted house. The N3QX 1 Virus Strain has hit the Jacksonville Metro area particularly hard, severe itching, bloody orifices, vomiting, irritability, are the initial symptoms. Experience the Zombie Apocalypse at Outbreak! Grotesque and inhumane practices done on patients will repulse anyone who enters the Madhouse. The Adner Heights Asylum, once a thriving institution for the mentally impaired patient, became a torture and experiment mecca for patients who were placed here. Submerged in ice water, restrained in padded cells for weeks, shock therapy under water, or Lobotomy were common options or tortures to live people who entered, some never to see the light of day ever again. Experience the sadistic, gruesome, disgusting, repulsive way the patients were treated once they were sent here. Closed down after a government investigation, the Adner Heights Asylum contains the tortured spirits of many patients and surgeons who have been enslaved in the purgatory of the halls, on a mission to escape their terror, or stop it. Journey the halls of the asylum and feel the fear and experience the violent, cruel, and brutal treatment they endured. Nightmares like no other. Disgusted enough, you are an experiment in Redneck Rampage. Redneck Rampage is described as beyond the bizarre. Step into the home of a twisted and sadistic grave robbing family. You have become the experiment.

The Haunted Angelus House is located in Hudson, Florida near Tampa. Haunted Angelus Hudson is one of America’s largest 100% handicap accessible Haunted Houses. Purchase tickets individually for our 25 room fully terrifying Haunted House, The Pirate Haunt: a 40’ Pirate Ship with realistic hangings (PG-13), or a Haunted Hayride. Included with all tickets purchases; creep through the Haunted Cemetery, a Halloween Balloon Trail and a 1 mile Haunted Trail to complete your thrill for the fall season of harvest. Enjoy a family night of fun with hotdogs and drinks for a donation or enjoy additional snack vendors. Gather your gang and let us scare the life out of you; for the season of Halloween is upon us. Don’t wait for a review, come on down and see what all the talk is about. The Haunted Angelus House benefits The Angelus, a Cerebral Palsy group home in Hudson, Florida. Great times for a great cause!