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Nightmare on the blvd.
Haunted House in Pueblo Colorado
This is our second year. This house is certain to give you nightmares. We also have a haunted maze for the little kids

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Scream Acres at Fritzler Corn Maze
Haunted House in LaSalle
Colorado's Original and Scariest Haunted Corn Maze. 3 Different Haunts plus Colorado's only Paintball Safari Hayride.

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Haunted House in Northglenn CO
Some say that there is an hour, The 25th hour, when things go bump in the night, when creatures of the dark can be heard calling from the shadows, when no one is safe... The 25th Hour Haunted House is located at I-25 & 120th Ave. in Northglenn, Colorado. Voted the best new haunted house in North Denver for 2010! With over a 98% approval rating, The 25th Hour delivers, you will be scared.

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The Torture Institute
Haunted House in Greeley Co
We are a scary Haunted House for charity. Proceeds will be going to local charities! Come by and check out our 6500 sq ft, 14 rooms of torture & have some fun and help some good charities! Like us and get in for $5 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Torture-Institute-Haunted-House/436328093146984

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X-Treme Torment Haunted House
Haunted House in Grand Junction Colorado
come and see what mysteries dwell in X-Treme Torment Haunted House.

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Colorado Haunted House News

Colorado’s haunted houses will color you red with terror.  Colorado has many haunted houses around Aurora, Denver, LaSalle, Westminster, and Parker. Colorado has some of the scariest Haunted Houses.  City of Aurora includes The 13th Door and Curse of Slaughterhouse. The drive out of the city is worth The Fitlzer Corn Maze and Scream Acres located in LaSalle for those that want to brave the unknown.  The Frightmare Compound will intensify your fears in Westminster.  Don’t forget to travel to Denver for Asylum Haunted House and the 13th Floor Haunted House.  End the night with the Grim Reaper in Parker at Reapers Hollow.



The 13th Door in Aurora, Colorado, considered the scariest haunted house in Denver, will bring your fears to life.  A wealthy Denver Millionaire, John Barrington, was having his annual All Hallows Eve costume party in the penthouse suite of the Barrington Hotel.    His nephew Andrew had a terrible gambling problem; he was a terrible loser at gambling.  His debtors had lost patience with his empty excuses and wanted payment or consequences would be severe and soon.  Desperately seeking his uncle’s help, his uncle John, the miser, refused and threw him out of the hotel.  Driven by rejection and hopelessness, Andrew returned and blocked all the exits and started a fire.  Rescuers were repulsed by the screams of the people trapped behind the doors, tortured by the flames and smoke, until death.  When the fire was extinguished, the numerous bloodied bodies were found throughout the hotel with no sign of the murderer.  Only one person survived the torturous fire, he had found the 13th Door.  Today, you can still hear the agonizing shrieks of the souls trapped within the walls.  It is believed that Andrew still haunts the hotel still seeking revenge on all who attend.  If you want to survive you need to find The 13th Door. 


The Butcher Haunted House in Littleton, Colorado takes you through the evil, twisted mind of Edwin Pritchard who was a skilled butcher by trade.  His father and grandfather were also butchers; it ran in their “blood”.  But something changed with Edwin, it went deep into his bones....He was an artist with the knife, with flesh; living or dead.  Your adventure begins with you walk through the creepy woods until you enter The Butcher’s Haunted House.  Take a trip through this slaughterhouse of evil.  Meander through crime scenes from Edwin Pritchard and be on alert, for Edwin likes to come back to the scene of his crime watching, and waiting.  He is seeking out his next victim, do you feel his eyes watching you and waiting.  Will you be his next work of art?  If you make it outside in the chill of the night air, you then have to make it back through the woods.  Is anyone safe from this psychotic murderer?  He is waiting for you and your review!

Curse of Slaughterhouse Gulch - is one of Denver’s most exciting haunted houses.  Located in Aurora, Colorado, Curse of Slaughterhouse is an exciting Denver haunted house of terror with a who’s who listing from the Gallery or Gore.  Enjoy all the horror movies, here at the Curse of Slaughterhouse Gulch, you are right in one.  All your favorite legends: Mike, Jason, Freddy, Norman, Hannibal, Leatherface, and more are here to terrorize you.  They have all converged here to bring you to your knees in fear of the horrors they can inflict from your nightmare of nightmares.  You will not be able to sleep soundly anymore, for they are waiting to review the situation and prevent you from sleeping at night. For a list of Haunted Houses in Denver you can go here: Haunted House Denver

Asylum Haunted House - a hidden passage was found two floors under the nightmare factory.  This hidden passage connected to the Gordon Cottingham’s Hospital for the Mentally Insane.  Located at a portal to the damned, in Northglenn, Colorado, this musty damp chamber deep within the dark confines is infested with spiders, rats, snakes, and the echo of the screams left behind by the tortured souls who have come back to reclaim what was lost.  The mentally insane have taken over and can be found lurking in the darkest corner, watching you and waiting to strike.   From the creators of the13th Floor Haunted House and the Nightmare Factory, Asylum Haunted House up close and most intense in-your-face frights is the scariest Denver haunted houses, Colorado and reviews can be seen on America’s Scariest Haunted Attractions 2 on the Travel Channel. 

13th Floor Haunted House - why is this floor missing from so many buildings, or is it?  Come to Denver to see our review on this situation and on what goes on here on the 13th Floor.   The 13th Floor does exist and it is here that the mysteries of the hidden floor come to light or should we say nightmares appear from the dark.  Superstitions or Conspiracy, we think not!  The evils that happen on the 13th floor go much deeper into the wicked horrifying events that take creepy cruel revengeful stories and make them into legends.  Have you ever noticed a missing floor in a building?  They are numbered from 1-14 and there is no 13th Floor?  Is it there, through trickery on the inside and outside of buildings, buildings appear visually correct.  Even elevators have the buttons blanked out, are not there, or mysteriously do not work.  How can this be explained?  Have you even looked for the 13th floor in a building, or just ignored its very existence?    Curiosity seekers such as the owners of the 13th Floor Haunted House have found this secretive floor right here in Denver and are willing to reveal the mystery and our review of this situation.   Once you have found the 13th Floor Haunted House you too will be captivated by this phenomena and open up the truth of the torture, the shrieks that are heard within the walls, the violent occurrences that are kept secret and the enslaved souls who still wander through this portal of evil.  Don’t miss this area’s best haunted house. When searching for haunted houses online, this is one of America’s Best haunted houses in the haunt world.

The Frightmare Compound in Westminster Colorado is home of two of Colorado’s scariest haunted houses with the terrifying Gatekeeper from the depths of the dark and most sinister place.  The Gatekeeper has been able to control the zombies and blood-sucking creatures inside The Compound throughout the year, but restraining them has allowed the evil to grow stronger and even more powerful. They are eager to expel their negative energy during the harvest months of fall and quench their thirst for the fresh blood of new victims.  The dead arise, lurking around every corner & seeking the living. The heart pumping, blood-rushing screams will soon fill the air. You will feel the intensity of the terror when the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and spine tingling sensations pulse through your veins. Since the death of the Compounds original creator, the Halloween attraction has been plagued by unexplained, supernatural occurrences. Paranormal teams have declared the grounds at The Frightmare Compound truly haunted.  But even in its condemned state, we welcome you back every October to experience portals to the evils below. Come tempt your fate at Frightmare and The House of Darkness – Colorado’s Scariest Haunted Houses.

Scream Acres at Fritzler’s Corn MAiZE is located in LaSalle, Colorado.  By day, from mid-September through Halloween, Fritzler’s agritainment event offers fun family activities for all ages including a 15 acre corn maze, courtyard activities and a paintball adventure where customers join in the hunt for escaped prisoners. These daytime activities carry over after dusk and there’s more for those bold enough to venture into the corn field after dark!    Patrons will be greeted by the rustle of corn, and the backwoods kinfolk who call the area home when they enter the haunted corn maze.  But that’s not all that awaits them in the corn.  Those who make it through the haunted corn maze enter the premier event at Fritzler Farms, Scream Acres.  The wicked creatures rise from their slumber to release their terror on all who enter.  The chill you feel down your spine is not just in the air.  Am I being followed?  Am I being watched? The sound of your scream is what they seek in the still of the night.  The warmth of the blood pulsing through your veins only heightens their senses.  Will you be their next victim?  Can you find your way out?  Think you can trust your friends?  Even they’ve left you behind.  Don’t miss Scream Acres at Fritzler’s Corn MAiZE.  Why wait for a review, test your own courage and see if you have what it takes to survive!