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Tevis Family Haunted House
Haunted House in Oak Hills
A Free family run Haunted House in West Oak Hills. Several Rooms with props and performers to scare you.

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The Blumhouse of Horrors
Haunted House in Los Angeles CA
Jason Blum and Blumhouse productions, producers of the "Paranormal Activity" movies, "Insidious" and "Sinister" combine the latest in horror film storytelling, production and set design to create L.A.'s newest, most intensely terrifying haunted experience!

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The Empty Grave Haunted House
Haunted House in Anaheim
The Empty Grave is all new for 2013. begin your journey through the tobbarisu family Mortuary and it's surrounding haunted grounds.

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The Haunted Courtyard
Haunted House in Corona CA
We have RETURNED! Just can't live anymore without scaring you! This haunt is on the very scary side so be careful who you bring. We recommend 13 and over.

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The Haunted Hotel
Haunted House in San Diego CA
The Haunted Hotel, located in a basement in the Gaslamp District, is the longest running haunted house in San Diego. This haunted house has rooms based on your favorite horror movies and will send you running with terror.

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The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park
Haunted House in San Diego CA
The Haunted Trail is a mile long "stroll" through the park you will never forget. This terror of twisted pines and gnarled oaks is not for children under 10 or the faint of heart. For a few extra bones you can experience the Carnival of Carnage Maze, over 3500 SF of carny infested terror.

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The Haunting
Haunted House in Anaheim Ca
Creating Nightmares since 1997, Our home haunt has scared over 10,000 willing souls. Live actors, walk thru maze, lighting and sound effects in use. Always Free. Halloween night only!

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The Haunting of Corona
Haunted House in Riverside California
This is a local walk through maze that will scare you while you help a good cause. We also donate proceeds to charity!

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The Haunting of Nuevo
Haunted House in Nuevo
The Haunting Of Nuevo is a small, family friendly haunted house for families in the Nuevo area. The event consists of a small, 5 minute walk through haunted house where guests encounter a variety of ghoulish ghouls and special effects. Proceeds benefit the Outdoor Education Fund

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The Madsess
Haunted House in Fountain Valley
The Foundation for Extreme Affliction Research (F.E.A.R.) opened a relief shelter on Daisy Ave in an attempt to provide a safezone for those lucky enough to survive the outbreak.. but chaos erupted as the The Madness spread through the F.E.A.R. facility.

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California Haunted House News

California is shaking with terrorizing haunted houses. California’s featured cities of terror Los Angeles, San Leandro, and Pomona.  Los Angeles: Haunted Hayride, Fear Overload, and Reign of Terror Haunted House are the scariest haunted houses in California. California is worth the trip to participate in some of the best review haunted houses.

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride - located at the old zoo in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, will show you that there is nothing scarier than the darkness of the woods at night at this Los Angeles haunted house. When the sun goes down, nightmares come to life. Nightmares are taken from the story of the Clifton Family, whom once resided on the property which is documented to be a real paranormally active site. Each year guests are taken deeper into the story of The Clifton’s and their terrors are brought to life in the Haunted Hayride. In earlier years, the Haunted Hayride took us to the church massacre: the night a fire erupted in the church that was built in an attempt to exercise the evil from the grounds killing everyone inside. Then, we saw the nightmares of Clifton Twin daughters which were so gruesome and graphic; they were treated mentally. This year will be the prequel to all previous years and show you what was happening on the grounds just days before that fateful night when the church doors locked and erupted into flames killing the congregation of people inside. Welcome to the Haunted Hayride, “The Congregation” a bone chilling indescribable journey that will bear witness to the evil on this property and the terrifying cults that emerged. What was taking place that was so terrifying to the community that they erected a church to save them? What did the reports of “strange behavior” by the residents really mean? Why did the Clifton Family who was solely responsible for the care of the grounds seem so cursed? You just have to experience it to understand the story that keeps getting more horrifying, Get lost in The In Between (Maze), darkness like you have never experienced before. Your way is lighted with a low voltage light, too dim to see your way through. Many twist and turn into dead ends and circles makes this amazing journey a quest for your freedom. Inside the haunted house in Los Angeles walls lurks the master of the house, Mr. Veeder who has a one track mind, to keep the oversized creatures in The In Between (Maze) fed. Darkness all around and the only light draws the creatures to the lamp holder, like flies to a flame. Do you have the courage to make it through or will you have a run in with Mr. Veeder? ”Purgatory” takes you back in time to our side show. Our collection of humans entertain you with black magic, psychics tell your future, demonic stilt walkers perform, House of Mirrors and the Scary-Go-Round will dizzy, along with carnival food and games to keep you entertained while you’re in line or after you have experienced the Haunted Hayride and The In Between (Maze), should you make it out. For a list of Haunted Houses in Los Angeles you can go here: Haunted House Los Angeles </span>

Fear Overload Haunted Houses in the San Francisco Bay Area - located in San Leandro, California, Fear Overload is a high shock haunted house attraction. This October, Fear Overload brings you two brand new haunted houses, made by the creators of the 2011 haunts which were voted the scariest in California by HauntWorld. Fear Overload’s mastermind, Polanco, reveals information about one of their new haunted houses, “The closed-down Insane Asylum has been all over the news recently. After two officers were slaughtered in the asylum while investigating noise complaints, the town has been up in arms and frantically asking questions. But no one is brave enough to enter. This October, you have the chance to experience the unknown in this truly horrifying attraction” Polanco exclaims. “We specialize in the ridiculous.”</span>

In 2011, Fear Overload was awarded for its quality and scare factor. This year, they plan to take their haunted attractions to a new level of fear. “Our design team works all year long creating the most intricate scenes. And this year, we have far outstretched our limits.” Polanco ensures that his new scenes will send chills through your spine, should you choose to enter Fear Overload this October. For more information, dates, and tickets, please visit the Los Angeles haunted house website at www.fearoverload.com