Fear Overload Haunted Houses in San Leandro


15555 East 14th Street


San Leandro 94578




Phone: 925-470-0070


Email: nathancpolanco@gmail.com

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Open 9/29/12 - 11/1/12. From 7:00pm - 10:00pm (certain days till midnight!) Visit our website for specifics.


Tickets can be purchased on our website or cash only at the door!


Directions to Fear Overload Haunted Houses in San Leandro


Featuring 2 NEW Horrifying Haunted Houses in San Leandro CA *Voted scariest in California -HauntWorld

Asylum and Insomnia are our two new haunted houses for the 2012 season. Warning: These are high shock haunted attractions with horrifying scenes. These attractions are not recommended for children under 14.


Fear Overload is a haunted house entertainment company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 1997, Fear Overload has since gained critical success as seen on Fox News, CNN, and awarded the Scariest Haunted Houses in California by HauntWorld - the largest haunted house reviewing website. In 2012, Fear Overload will offer two of the most bone-chilling haunted house attractions - Asylum and Insomnia.

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