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Buckelew Farm Terror in the Corn


17000 W Ajo Way


Tucson 85735




Phone: 520-822-2277


Email: clint@buckelewfarm.com

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Fri & Sat Nights, last 4 weeks in October, College night 21th & 28th




Imagine finding yourself alone in a dark and foggy corn field in the middle of the night that has come to life with your worst nightmares. You will be put to the test and will be left gasping for air. See you there.

Welcome to your worst nightmares!



Terror In The Corn - Haunted Cornfield Sure you've been to a haunted house ... but can you imagine the frightening possibilities of a haunted cornfield? Terror In The Corn will not disappoint! An area of our Corn Maze will be set aside for the haunt. The experience will combine props and live actors. We have spent much of the off-season creating a variety of new scares; promising to elevate Terror In The Corn to the next level in the world of horror. Terror In The Corn isn't for everyone! Children, 12 years and under, will not be admitted without an adult and parental discretion is strongly advised. Are you brave enough to enter the unknown?

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