Safety / Fire Codes / Security!

When addressing the issue of safety, enough cannot be said about the importance of this topic. Accidents can and may happen; however, you can do much to decrease the odds of such occurrences. To express our concern for safety, we provided documentation to the Fire Department, the Building Inspector and the Carroll County Fairgrounds Board members including a safety Emergency Action Plan (EAP), our standard operating procedure (SOP) for a safety inspection, a worker's release of liability and damage waiver that is required to be read and signed by all crew members, as well as the house rules, which are clearly displayed for patrons visiting the attraction. We included all of this information in our Fright Team Handbook which we distributed to each of our staff members. I am providing this information so that you can review it and it is my hope and desire that you would implement these safety practices as well. This is information that puts a smile on the face of your insurance agent's face as well.


Raycliff Manor Victorian Haunt - EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN

***This Emergency Action Plan and the Fright Team Handbook was developed to be a comprehensive introduction and training manual for the team members of Eurkea Screams!TM who would be participating in the Raycliff Manor haunted attraction. I developed this handbook incorporating a compilation of information shared with me freely through my online friends at the Hauntworld forum and from information provided in the Haunter's Handbook, Safety, and Business Practices Manuals provided by the International Association of Haunted Attractions, IAHA.***


Attraction Location:

Carroll County Fairgrounds (Scaregrounds)
104 CR 401, Berryville, AR |
Eleventh Hour Incorporated

Table of Contents:

Introduction & Purpose


Staff Responsibilities


Fire Prevention Plan

Fire Emergency Plan

Weather Emergency Plan

Medical Emergency Plan

Power Failure Emergency Plan

Bomb Threat Emergency Plan

EAP Training Statement

This plan sets forth the policy and procedures to be followed in various types of emergencies. The plan purpose is to prevent and minimize loss of life, injury, and property damage which may result from emergency situations.


"Haunted House" shall mean the annual event sponsored by Eureka Screams!TM "Staff" shall mean the persons constructing, operating, performing in, or otherwise supporting the haunted house production, and includes volunteer/employees of Eureka Screams!

"Visitors" shall mean members of the general public attending the haunted house.

"Building" or "Facility" shall mean the space located at the Carroll County Fairgrounds, Berryville, AR leased by Eureka Screams!TM for a purpose or producing the haunted house amusement event. "Fire Department" shall mean the Carroll County Fire Protection District. "Police Department" shall mean the Carroll County Police Department.

Box Office Manager
For each public performance, a Eureka Screams! Employee or Adult Volunteer shall be designated to serve as Box Office Manager. Box Office Manager shall be provided with a two-way radio. In the event of a fire or other emergency requiring outside assistance, the House Manager or Safety/Security Staff will notify (in person or by radio) the Box Office Manager, who will then call for such assistance.



House Manager
For each public performance, a Eureka Screams! Employee or Adult Volunteer shall be designated to serve as House Manager. The House Manager shall be present on the premises for the duration of the time the haunted house is open to the public. If the House Manager must leave the premises (even for a brief period), he/she shall delegate responsibilities to another Eureka Screams! employee or another adult volunteer. The House Manager shall have overall responsibilities for the safe operation of the House and for the implementation of the Emergency Action Plan.

Safety/Security Staff
For each public performance, Eureka Screams! Employees and Adult Volunteers shall be designated as Safety/Security Staff. Safety/Security Staff shall conduct frequent safety inspections of the public and non-public areas of the facility. Unsafe conditions (fire hazards, electrical hazards, tripping hazards, etc.) shall be corrected immediately, if possible, or reported to the House Manager. Safety/Security Staff members will each be equipped with two-way radios. At least one uniformed police officer will also serve as a Safety/Security Staff member. He/She will also be equipped with a Eureka Screams! two-way radio and will call for any outside assistance, or notify the Box Office Manager to do the same.

At all times when the Haunted House is open to the public, the following Staff shall remain in contact via two-way radios:

-House Manager
-Box Office Manager
-Safety/Security Staff, including any uniformed police officers

Emergency instructions and announcements shall be made by word of mouth or PA system.

Lighting/Sound Technician
For each public performance, a Eureka Screams! Employee shall be designated to serve as the Lighting/Sound Technician. In the event of an emergency requiring an evacuation and as directed by the House Manager or Safety/Security Staff, the Lighting/Sound Technician shall:

-Turn ON house lights

-Turn OFF all house music and sound effects

-Turn OFF all scene lighting and power

-Make Announcements over PA system

Staff and Volunteers
All Haunted House Staff shall take responsibility for their own safety and for the safety of those in their immediate vicinity. Observations of unsafe conditions shall be immediately brought to the attention of the Safety/Security Staff or other responsible persons. Staff shall familiarize themselves with the Haunted House layout, exits and emergency corridors, and the path to primary and alternate exits from the particular location in which they are working.

Portable Fire Extinguishers
The House shall be equipped with at least one multi-purpose dry chemical fire extinguisher per emergency exit. House Staff shall be instructed that the portable fire extinguishers have been placed for use by trained individuals and for FD use. Staff shall not be permitted to use the portable fire extinguishers unless they have been trained to do so.

Emergency Exits & Means of Egress
The building has 6 exits located on all sides, and will have 4 main exits in the immediate area of the Haunted House. The Haunted House set (walls, scenes, mazes, etc.) shall be designed and constructed in such a way to ensure that each point along the public pathway through the House has an accessible route to the primary exits. Each point along the public pathway shall also access at least one other alternate exit.

Emergency Lighting System
The building has a back-up battery-powered emergency lighting system, which will activate in the event of a total power failure. Proper functioning of the system shall be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the FD prior to first opening of the House to the public.


Emergency Exits & Means of Egress, cont.

The building emergency exit signage shall be supplemented with Glow in the dark exit and directional signage to clearly identify corridor access to the emergency exits. At no time shall access to the building exits be obstructed by construction, props, or stored materials. Pathways to the exits shall be unobstructed and free from tripping hazards.

Electrical Hazards
All electrical equipment, lighting fixtures, extension cords, outlet strips, motors, display devices, and accessories, operating at 120 VAC or greater, shall be UL approved and inspected prior to use. Electrical cords and extension cords which are worn or frayed, have cut or pinched insulation, or exposed conductors, or which have three-pronged plugs with removed or faulty ground prongs, shall not be used. All electrical equipment and cords shall be inspected by qualified person prior to use, and shall be re-inspected periodically. Damaged or otherwise unsafe electrical equipment shall be tagged and removed from service to be repaired or discarded. Temporary power for lighting and powering displays and accessories shall be supplied as follows:

•Power will be supplied to corridors and scene rooms by means of "spines" made up of ISO grounded extension cords with molded plugs and fused outlet strips with three-prong grounded receptacles. The spines shall be connected to existing building electrical panels. Care shall be taken to distribute the load to several building circuits.

•The spines shall be routed along the top of the eight-foot high House partitions and shall be secured by non-conductive means.

•Connections to a spine outlet or outlet strip may be by means of the electrical devices cord or by an extension cord (2 or 3 wire, as appropriate).

The electrical system and lighting shall be designed in such a way so as to minimize the device-to-spine distance (preferably less than 6 feet).

•At no time shall any 120 VAC or greater electrical cord by run behind or under any rugs, fabric, decorations or other highly combustible materials in such a manner that the cord may be damaged, pinched, or abraded by contact with persons or objects.

Combustible Materials
Combustible waste materials shall not be allowed to accumulate in the building. During construction and operation, trash shall be removed and placed in the dumpster daily. As feasible, combustible scenery, props, and decorations shall be appropriately treated with fire retardant materials and maintained out-of-reach of visitors as they pass through the House. Combustibility shall be a consideration of the selection of props and decorating materials. All wall partitions, wood, and fabric shall be treated with an appropriate fire retardant. All foam sculptures shall be either treated or covered with a non-flammable seal coat (i.e.., hydrocal).


Smoking shall be prohibited inside the House at all times. All visitors will be prohibited from bringing smoking paraphernalia into the building.


Material Safety Data Sheets will be kept in the Manager's Office.



In the event of a fire:

•Staff members discovering a fire or smoke shall immediately activate the nearest alarm pull box or notify Safety/Security Staff.

•Upon sound of the fire alarm, or as instructed by the House Manager, the Lighting & Sound techs shall turn on the house lights, turn off scene and lighting power, turn off music and sound effects, and make announcements over the public address system as instructed.

•All Staff and Visitors shall evacuate the building via primary exit for their location.

•If the primary exit is blocked or unsafe, proceed to the nearest alternate exit.

•If smoke makes it difficult to breathe or see, get on your hands and knees and crawl to the nearest exit.

•Once out of the building, proceed to the nearest designated assembly area (whichever exit you go out of) and await further instructions.

•Staff and Visitor shall not re-enter the building until the "all clear" is given by the FD.


Accountability Procedure
If possible to do so safely, the House Manager or Safety/Security Staff shall retrieve the cast assignment board shall be taken to each assembly area and used to account for each staff member present in the building. The House Manager shall inform the FD of any Staff or Visitors not accounted for.





The "RACE" method of fire response shall be followed in this order:


Rescue those in immediate danger.


Notify others by word of mouth or by activating pull box.


If the fire is in an enclosed office or room, confine it by closing doors upon exiting.


&emdash;Attempt to extinguish the fire only if it is safe to do so.

&emdash;Use the portable fire extinguishers only if you have been trained in their use.

&emdash;Extinguishers are located near the exits. This permits you to proceed towards the exit, and return

with an extinguisher when it is safe to do so.

&emdash;ALWAYS keep a clear path to the exit behind you.

&emdash;NEVER allow the fire to come between you and the exit.



P.A.S.S. is an acronym for remembering the procedure for using a portable fire extinguisher.

P= pull the pin and completely remove it from the extinguisher handle.

A=aim the extinguisher nozzle towards the base of the flame.

S=squeeze the handle to discharge extinguisher material.

S=sweep the spray of extinguisher material back and forth across the base of the flames.



In the event of a tornado warning, or if a tornado is sighted:

&emdash;The House Manager shall order an evacuation to the designated places of refuge.

&emdash;All building occupants shall remain in the designated place of refuge until the "all clear" is given by the House Manager.



In the event of a medical emergency:

&emdash;Staff discovering a medical emergency shall immediately notify the House Manager or Safety/Security Staff.

&emdash;House Manager shall instruct the Police Officer or Box Office Manager to call for assistance.

&emdash;Persons unconscious or seriously injured should not be removed or repositioned.

&emdash;Injured or ill persons who are ambulatory should be assisted to the front door to wait for outside assistance.



In the event of a power failure:

&emdash;The emergency lighting system will activate in the event of a total power failure.

&emdash;The House Manager and Safety/Security Staff shall circulate through the House and ensure the visitors to be calm.



In the event that a bomb threat is received:

&emdash;Any Staff member receiving a bomb threat shall immediately notify the House Manager. Staff members shall not exercise judgments regarding the validity of any such threat.

&emdash;Upon notification of a bomb threat, the House Manager shall instruct the Box Office Manager to inform the FD and PD, and immediately initiate an evacuation of the building.

&emdash;Clearance to reoccupy the building shall be obtained from the FD and/or PD only.


All Haunted House Staff shall be trained on the contents of this Emergency Action Plan. Prior to each performance, just before admitting the public, the House Manager and Safety/Security Staff shall circulate through the House and ensure that staff is familiar with the means of egress from the particular location in which they are working. Each Staff member will receive a copy of the Emergency Action Plan and will have to sign a statement confirming that they personally received a copy of it.


We perform a safety inspection every night one-hour before we open, again halfway through the night (plus this gives the workers a little break), and one more one-hour after we close. The following listed items will be checked:

1. Floors clear of snags and trip hazards

2. Walls clear of snags and sharp objects

3. Fire extinguishers clearly marked

4. Wires and switches out of reach and hidden

5. AC outlets covered

6. All lighting and effects properly working

7. Exits clearly marked and visible

8. Flammable materials located off site

9. Exterior lights working

10. Condition of masks, costumes

11. Plug-in and turn on all fog machines and EFX lighting prior to opening

12. Turn-off and unplug all fog machines and EFX lighting before closing

13. Pick-up litter around the house

14. Take out all garbage

15. Check battery life on 2-way radios

16. Put juice in fog machines

17. Concession stand stocked

18. Coffee pot started prior to opening and off prior to closing

19. Check flashlights for operability

20. Fill gas tank on generator (if you use one or for back-up)

21. Main power off at end of night

22. Sound systems and effects working properly

23. Check for hot spots (one-hour after closing)

24. Lock and close all doors, windows






I ______________will participate in the Raycliff Manor haunted house during September 24th through November 1, 2004. My volunteer duties in this event consist of __________(fill in if they are acting, running controls, ticket booth, etc.), monitoring guests for safety violations, and at times escorting guests to the appropriate exit. As an event volunteer, I understand that Management must be notified of all incidents relating to guest problems, equipment failure, and safety violations.

As an employee, I understand that my actions (both good and bad) are viewed by the public and directly affiliate me with Raycliff Manor, and the sponsors. I understand that if my actions are deemed inappropriate, my volunteer duties will be cancelled and that I will be removed from the event without warning.

I do not hold Eureka Screams!TM, The Carroll County Fairgrounds and/or affiliates of this event responsible for damage or loss of property, and/or injury or death to myself while participating in the Raycliff Manor Haunted House. I fully acknowledge the risks of participating in this event and hereby forfeit my right to penalty, lawsuit, and/or legal action against the stated parties.


I have read and understand the safety training and Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and Safety Inspection Manuals.