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Sweet Profits
by Candy Concepts

Let me ask you a scary question... "Are You Leaving Money On The Table?"

As a relative new comer to the "business" of scaring the hell out of people, I find myself intensely intrigued by the prospects. Though my background for much of my life has been in marketing and sales related to the theme park and concessions industry, I don't profess to be an expert by any stretch.

However, when I see a frenzy of devoted people flocking to experience something they get to do only once a year, I get very excited. With months and months of preparation and lots of spending, but such a very short window of opportunity I ask, "Are you doing all you can to maximize this amazing opportunity"?

Of course your primary focus is to get your faithful to cough up some hard earned bucks for a ticket. Now, what if they pulled some more of those hard earned bucks out and took something home to remember you by. Better yet, what if that something had your name on it and promoted others to visit your haunt?

Visit just about any major attraction and you are likely to find something to eat, something to drink and something to purchase. In fact if you really look closely, the entire facility has probably been designed to facilitate these exact three activities.

Case in point, I recently visited an Aquarium with my wife and two small children. What do you think was the last thing we passed before we left the building, A GIFT SHOP! How much did I drop in there? About fifty bucks!

As for the "business" of Haunting, what I see as a relative outsider is a very unique customer base that loves things that are "In Your face" and certainly out of the ordinary. Some are probably collectors, some thrill seekers and some were simply dragged in kicking a screaming by their friends.

No matter what the reason for visiting, "Surviving" your haunt is a major accomplishment, one to be proud of! They certainly need something to remember the moment!

We at Custom Candy Concepts have in fact created a great new item to do just that, it's a lollipop! But not just any lollipop, our pop can be printed with the most amazing high resolution, full color images imaginable on a food product. We use our own patented process and specially formulated food colorings to achieve this miracle of science and yes, the entire thing is edible!

The best part is that for a very low minimum order, about 96 pops, we can totally customize these pops with YOUR OWN GROUSOME IMAGES! Not only that, you can even include your name, logo, website or any other message for added exposure.

The pops are Huge! They measure about 4.5" round and weigh 5 ounces. They also come individually packaged in their own re-sealable clamshell case that can be pegged on a wall display or merchandised on one of our carousel counter top units.

Excelent Souvenir and Attention Getter
I'm sure that for most of you, merchandising has been an obvious profit center for your business. For others who have contemplated the idea but have not yet acted on your intuition, I can only imagine that you are "leaving money on the table".

Of course, having been at this longer then me, you are most likely privy to a wide variety of resources to choose from in determining what will sell at your haunt. Whether it be masks, magic, novelties, collectibles or of course Lolli-Pics ™ "Candy Pictures", once you've scared all sensibilities out of your patrons, there's know telling what might catch their eyes (or their money).

Happy Haunting!

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Home > Haunter's Lbrary > Marketing, Revenue & Ticket Sales > Sweet Profits

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