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Sales Promtions for Your Special Event

Mary Marketing
Sponsorship Decision-Maker
1313 Harbor Boulevard
Anaheim, California 92803

Dear Ms. Marketing:

Are you dying to locate a sponsorship opportunity that delivers impact?

On behalf of all the ghosts, ghouls and goblins appearing this October at Haunted USA, I would like to invite Cola-Cola to join with us and become a part of history for 25 frightful nights.

With over 50,000 expected in attendance, this promotional vehicle offers you an opportunity to capture the attention of our target markets in a highly effective and economical lifestyle marketing.

Rather than bury you in the usual hype, we invite you to discover Haunted USA.


Ned Dollars
Sponsor Development



A Special Event Marketing Opportunity

Haunted USA - Sponsorship Invitation

People love to be scared, either at the movies, on a thrill rides, or "haunted houses. " Ever since Campus Life pioneered the industry in the 1970's, haunted houses and other Halloween-themed events have maintained consistent growth just to meet the demand. Now, with Halloween becoming the largest holiday season second only to Christmas, it presents an opportunity that can benefit everyone.

Haunted USA provides a multitude of activities which includes 3 haunted houses (mazes), unlimited haunted golf, Jacko's Pumpkin Patch, over 300 of the latest video and arcade games, Haunted USA's Museum of Terror, and a children's maze & play area.

While this is our inaugural event, our experienced event management team possess the experience to coordinate a successful special event opportunity.

USA's unique concept provides Cola-Cola with an opportunity to capitalize on a cost-effective lifestyle marketing campaign that creates millions of positive impressions in the southern California area.


For Sponsor

• Tremendous exposure to a targeted market

• Positive impressions and a sense of community involvement

• Receive a 5 to 1 advertising ratio on investment

For Sponsor Recipient

• Ability to further enhance our marketing and advertising campaign by reinvesting sponsor funds into additional advertising

• Enhance our image and credibility of being affiliated with a prestigious company

• Ability to further position our production as a safe and sane Halloween-themed event


• Positively increase product sales and purchase intent

• Expose your products or name to an audience of more than 50,000 guests

• Establish strong in-market awareness between Haunted USA and Cola-Cola

• Eventually develop regional trade tie-ins to increase product trail and strengthen market share


Market #l Teens

Ages: l2 to l7

Market #2 Young Adult

Ages : l8 to 30


45,000 Paid

5,000 Complimentary

50,000 Total



Our paid, promotional advertising and publicity campaigns will maximize exposure for the greater southern California market including Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside , and San Bernadino counties.



Adults $l3.00 Fri-Sat $l5.00

Children $ 7.00 Fri-Sat $ 7.00


Group Sales

Program will be implemented to solicit major employers and regional associations and nonprofit agencies.



A variety of coupon offers will be implemented including:

• 2-for-1 valid specific nights only

• $2.00 discount coupon

• family discount coupon

• Children (under 12) free, valid certain nights



• 80 percent of advertising budget goes towards radio targeted at teens and young adults

• Radio is required to find additional promotional partners.

• Radio Buys are contingent to secure a buy with a 50% cash and 50% trade.



Gross cash advertising $ 25,000

Gross trade advertising $ 65,000

Promotional Exposure $120,000

Total $210,000



KROQ 106.7FM SCHEDULE: October 7 - October 31

80 paid spots 150 promo spots 250 Mentions

PROMOTIONS: Kevin & Bean Singles Party, on-air giveaway

$17,000 gross


KEZY 95.9 FM SCHEDULE: October 13 - November 3

40 paid spots 80 promo spots 400 mentions

PROMOTIONS: KEZY exclusive Listener Party, on-air ticket giveaways

$ 7,000 gross



We intend to leverage our exposure by battering tickets for space/time in both the print and electronic medias. Nontraditional medias will also be approached.



Brochures 25,000

Flyers 5,000

Posters 1,000

Event Guides 50,000



Hunted USA recognizes the importance of strong consumer tie-ins on the regional consumer level. USA will work together with you to provide and implement a program that delivers impact


Naturally, we will absorb the cost of all discounting against the gate ticket price. The sponsor absorbs the cost of all promotional materials, advertising, merchandising incentives and their distribution. If needed, Haunted USA will assist in the design of point-of-purchase materials for any promotional program.



Similar to the sponsor package, our comprehensive publicity campaign is destined to garner extensive media coverage. Some publicity methods include a media party, entertainment reviews, and publicity stunts. A detailed publicity plan is available upon request.



Haunted USA is dedicated to the community. We intend to offer a "sneak preview" night (Thursday, October 12) where all gate admission receipts are donated to area charities. We also provide southern California nonprofit agencies an opportunity to use our event as a cause-related fund raiser for increased income and exposure on other evenings.



We can cater a hospitality package to suit specific your needs.





Start-up expenses $160,000

Operation Costs 75,000

Marketing 75,000

Closing Costs 15,000

Total Expenses $325,000


Gate receipts $ 450,000

Merchandising 75,000

Food/Beverage 75,000

Total Revenue $ 600,000


Contact: Ned Dollars

(800) BOO-4-YOU


Like a chameleon, we can customize a sponsorship package that meets your companies goals and objectives.



For a $35,000 cash investment sponsorship package, Pepsi can receive the following:

• Company name or logo is incorporated as part of the title name for of event (e.g., Cola-Cola Presents Haunted USA).

• Logo visibility on event VIP party invitations.

• Prominent name recognition on all print and electronic advertising (see ad schedule).

• Inclusion in both pre and post-event press releases.

• Receive 250 passes (a $3,250 value) valid October 13 through November 5, 1994 to the event.

• Receive 50 VIP passes (a $5,000 value) to the exclusive VIP Night on October 12, 1994.

• Provide adequate booth space.

• Logo on event guide cover

• Space for inflatables (logistically permitting).

• VIP entertainment opportunities.

• Logo on any mail campaigns.

• Banners, logos and all additional promotional materials are to be supplied by sponsors.

• All additional exposure ideas will be considered and every effort will be made to accommodate all requests.

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Home > Haunter's Lbrary > Marketing, Revenue & Ticket Sales > Text from Sponsor Proposal

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