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Get the Most from Your Event: BARTER!
By Michael Cruz

One of the best ways to save cash is to barter with event tickets. Commonly known as trades, they're easy to obtain, as it is only a matter of locating a company which will understand and appreciate the value of bartering. The possibilities are virtually endless.

With a bit of creativity and a little persuasion, you too can trade for just about anything. Some of the products or services most commonly traded are copy machines, rent-a-cars, printing (i.e. signs and banners), entertainment, and of course, the media.

It is also important to remember there exists a downside to the entire trading process. It's called rejection. The seasoned trader is prepared for this rejection and will have planned responses to counter the situation. Rejections are often from a lack of understanding of how to effectively use traded tickets. Another possible reason for trade rejections may be the company with whom you are negotiating might have a policy of not accepting any trades. Although bartering may present a myriad of challenges, the rewards will be well worth the effort. It's amazing how much one can accomplish with trade offers while leaving the cash in your event's bank account.

General Trade Agreement

The following is to serve as a barter (trade) agreement between ____________________________ referred to as COMPANY and _______________________________, referred to as EVENT.


I. COMPANY will provide _______________ ____________. The actual cash value of this trade is $__________.

II. In exchange for the above, EVENT will provide _____ passes which are valid during normal operating hours. The total dollar of passes are equivalent to the total dollar value of the trade.

III. Additional stipulations: ____________________________

Understood and agreed to by:

EVENT Representative ____________________ Date _________
COMPANY Representative ________________ Date __________

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Home > Haunter's Lbrary > Marketing, Revenue & Ticket Sales > Barter Opportunities

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