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Sample Event Marketing Timeline


• communications phase that includes designing/mechanicals for logo, brochure, flyers, posters.

• Preliminary avails for media and place media buys

• Sponsorship development and solicitation

• Determine the use of charity for the event



• Media kit development, radio copy and production, negotiate media

• Begin group sales research

• Pitch media and other promotional partners

• Follow-up on sponsorships, set meetings



• Get Ticketmaster agreement finalized

• Receive media kit materials from vendors

• Story development and new developments for media kits



• Finalize sponsorships

• Finalize promotional partners

• Group sales development



• Start group sales solicitations

• Receive balance of marketing materials from vendors

• Finalize appropriate charity tie-ins

• Develop publicity stunts and tie into media kit



• Finalize group sales

• Ticketing including complimentary and distribution

• Finalize sales promotions, submit marketing materials

• Start media trades including media relations



• Media trades finalized

• Distribution of media kits

• Determine story exclusivity

• Distribute group sales materials

• Follow-up with media for interviews



• Finalize interviews

• Invitations to press party

• Track group sales

• Promotional materials replenished

• Promotional campaigns begin and includes monitoring

• Monitor Ticketmaster sales

• Customer evaluation



• Sponsorship evaluation

• Media evaluation

• Sponsor's reports submitted

• Promotional redemption report

• Thank you notes to key people/companies

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Home > Haunter's Lbrary > Marketing, Revenue & Ticket Sales > Sample Event Marketing Timeline

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