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How to Turn Questions into Sales
By Michael Cruz

Let's face it: Handling phone calls from the pubic can consume a tremendous amount of time and personnel. Even when you write excellent collateral materials such as coupons and flyers, you will not be able to present all the information necessary. This may include directions, price, etc. One method of filling this void is to offer an information hotline (frightline by some) to dispense facts about the attraction. Obtaining a voicemail system will allow you to dispense valuable information while not tying-up human resources.

• Frequently asked questions. By determining the answers to anticipated questions in advance, you'll save time and efforts. Below is a list containing some of the more common questions asked :

• Directions/location of event
• Box office location and hours of operation
• Will call location and hours during which tickets may be picked up
• Parking, exact location and fees
• Event rules or restrictions (i.e. no containers, no smoking)
• Food and beverage services (alcohol?)
• Handicapped parking, access
• Pricing and payment acceptance
• Discounts/coupon availability
• Group sales
• Anything else that directly applies to your event

Use voicemail.
Setting up a voicemail system to handle general inquiry calls can be a major lifesaver. You need to ensure that callers' questions by giving answers to the most frequently asked questions. You want to ensure that you get a voicemail system which will be able to handle multiple calls at one time. For example, when a radio spot is aired many listeners may attempt to call to inquire. Good voice mail systems will usually handle multiple calls thus increasing the information you can distribute at any time. Make sure this feature is available when contracting with the voicemail or local phone company.

Sample Phone Script

You've dug up Haunted USA&emdash;America's Largest Haunt. Haunted

We open nightly at 7:00 PM and are conveniently located in Riverside&emdash;take I-5 north to Exit 1, turn right on Autumn Street. Tickets may be purchased at Haunted USA or through Ticketmaster and are $10.95 per person. You can obtain $2.00 off discount coupons at participating McDonald's. For group sales of 25 or more, or for additional information, call 555-9366.

Thank you for calling Haunted USA.

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Home > Haunter's Lbrary > Marketing, Revenue & Ticket Sales > Turn Questions into Sales

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