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Cheap Killer Klown Mannequins
By Michael Bruner

A dark and haunted circus is scary, no doubt about it; but to make my "Carnage Carnival" work, I needed several life-size evil Killer Klowns. So as not to blow the budget, I decided to make a few out of some common items found around the house.


  • 10 feet of 1 1/4" PVC pipe (qty 2)
  • 90 Degree angle joints (qty. 8)
  • 4 way PVC pipe joint (qty. 1)
  • 3 way PVC pipe joint (qty. 3)
  • Latex Dishwashing Gloves
  • Clown Wig
  • Vampire Fangs
  • White Styrofoam Wig Head
  • Shoulder Pads (if available)
  • Plastic Eyes www.BoneyardBargains.com
  • Costume (mix and match polka dot, plaid clothing or any tacky clothes)
  • $ 26.06 Total Project Cost
  • Tools Required:
  • Saw (to cut PVC pipe)
  • PVC pipe glue
  • Duct Tape
  • Multiple colored magic markers (test each color for reaction to black light.)

Lay out the outfit that "Killer Klown" will be wearing on the ground, roughly in the pose you want the finished piece to have. Measure and record the length of each of the limbs and spine. For a standard adult-sized Klown, I used these measurements:


  • Left and Right Shoulder - 7.5 inches ea.
  • Left and Right Upper Arm - 11.5 inches ea.
  • Left and Right Forearm - 7.5 inches ea.
  • Spine - 15.5 inches (only need one)
  • Left and Right Hip - 3.5 inches ea.
  • Left and Right Leg - 36 inches ea.
  • Left and Right Foot - 7.5 inches ea.
  • Foot Connector - 11 inches (only need one)


Cut the 11Ú4" PVC to the measured lengths and assemble a roughly human shape out of the PVC pipe. Remember to glue the PVC pipe pieces INSIDE the clothing, as it may be difficult getting him dressed when his arms will not bend! If you plan to change the costume in the future or use the frame for another life size prop, you can leave strategic joints unglued and secure them with duct tape.

NOTE: Using a small child's size costume, with an adult sized Styrofoam head and adult sized hands makes a great "Little Big Head" Killer Klown look.

The "Killer Klown" has a rectangular base for feet so that it can be a freestanding figure. If you do not like this look, you can take a pair of Klown shoes or even a pair of old sneakers and spray paint them a fluorescent color. To give the prop more balance, you can fill the shoes with quick setting concrete. Instead of using PVC pipe glue at the feet, I used duct tape to connect the joints there. This way I can remove the base for storage.

To give your prop a more filled-out look, you can attach a pair of football shoulder pads on the PVC frame. This will give your Klown more bulk. You can also wrap the PVC frame with scrap carpet foam, and shape it with duct tape.

Take a pair of latex dishwashing gloves and turn them inside out to show the white side. You can stuff the hands or make wire fingers to insert into the glove so that the hand can hold something, but for this project I just duct taped the empty gloves to the ends of the PVC arms.

NOTE: This next step can be very messy, so do it outdoors where thousands of tiny, tiny Styrofoam beads can be swept up with a minimum of fuss and mess.

Taking the magic markers, draw an evil Klown face on the white Styrofoam wig head. Spoon the foam out the eye sockets of the wig head and make room for the plastic eyeballs and place one in each socket. Glue them in place with a hot glue gun. Spoon out the mouth area in the foam head to make a hole about the same size as the vampire fangs. Color the inside of the mouth with a black magic marker and glue the fangs into place. You can even get glow-in-the-dark eyes that can be used in conjunction with glowing vampire fangs. This effect really stands out in black light!

Secure the white Styrofoam head to the PVC shoulders using duct tape. Make sure that the costume covers the tape. Use a glue gun to permanently attach a clown wig to the white Styrofoam head.

The next time that you need several life-size Klowns for a dark and haunted Circus, make them yourself following these easy instructions using everyday items that will not blow the budget.


Michael Bruner is the owner of The Monster Maze, a home haunt in Mechanicsburg, PA. You can contact him at MonsterMaze@aol.com or check out his web site at http://www.TheMonsterMaze.com

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Home > Membership Lbrary > Build It Yourself > Cheap Killer Klown Mannequins

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