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For those of you who thrive on building your own props, "Thrifty Haunting" was created for you! Each issue, we feature how-to's for static props, animated props and overall ideas to meet the needs of today's thrifty haunter.



Always use proper safety equipment when attempting any how-to project. HauntSearch Magazine, nor the author of this how-to can be held responsible. It is given "as-is" and assumes that you are familiar with safety procedures


Animatronic Werewolf with Glowing Red Eyes
By Michael Bruner of "The Monster Maze"

1.) For the frame of the werewolf we cut up some scrap lumber and screwed it together in a roughly human shape. Any screws that poked thru the wood were cut off with a Dremel sander.

2.) The werewolf is dressed in a one piece outfit. I've found that one piece outfits tend to hide sloppy craftmanship better than anything else.

3.) I was lucky enough to find a small oscillating fan that did not require me to remove the cage and blade. Not only that, it was a toy robot fan and had these nice red lights for eyes. Perfect! For an ordinary oscillating fan however, "CYLUME" light sticks could be used for glowing eyes just as well. A piece of foam was added to the head to give the head a "fuller" look.

4.) I duct-taped the fan to a cross beam in the body.

5.) The werewolf mask and gloves were purchased AFTER Halloween, when masks and costumes are OVER 1/2 off! Don't impulse buy for this year, shop smart, stock up for next year!

6.) Please note that the werewolf is HOLLOW!! I placed a cassette player with a cassette in infinite loop playing wolf howling and lion roars (sound effects courtesy of local library-audio section.) An additional bonus is that people hear the sounds emanating from the animatronic but don't see any obvious speakers.

7.) Plug fan and cassette player and run! I believe the entire animatronic cost me under $30. (The mask and gloves being over 2/3 the cost.)

Following Faces
From "TheHorrorDome.Com" used with permission

Are they alive? How can they tell where you are? Up, Down, Right, Left, Back and Forth , Where ever you go, they go. There's no escaping them! It's like they know your every move. These pictures do this Prop no justice. You have to see this to believe it. A must for any Haunted House.

Materials Needed:

1 - Black light
1 - Can of florescent spray paint, you pick the color. Green and blue work the best.
1 - Can of black paint
1 - Inverted Face
1 -Box painted black inside


Step 1 - Inverted Face - OK here's the cool part, There's a Company named Fun World that make these Halloween Special Effect Makeup Kits. They are called The living Faces (We stock the Witch, Vampire and Skull, E-mail us for costs) OK are you ready for this, you don't need anything in the kit, what you need is the hard shell packing that protects the foam mask. Yes, the packing. Remove the packing or the face if you will and cut the edge so that the lip around the face is gone. (You can also use a plastic child's mask with elastic cord, providing the inside of the mask is detailed)

Step 2 - Paint inside of the face with your florescent spray paint. Remember the inside is the part you will look at to get the 3D Following Face illusion.

Step 3 - Make a box big enough for the face to fit in and paint the inside flat black. You can even use a picture frame and frame the face if you don't want to use a florescent light, this Illusion works either way, or if you really want to get creative, make a bust just like the one in the picture above.

Step 4 - Glue the face to the back of the box.

Step 5 - Place the florescent light in front of the face turn on the light and sit back and be amazed. At first it will take about 5 minutes for your eyes to see the Face Follow you, just relax and stand back about 5 feet, then once you see it you will always see it. It doesn't get any more realistic than this.

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