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Well, issue #6 is finally here and with each issue, it seems that we're getting bigger and better. We've been listening to your feedback and adding new features to this mag ccording to what you want. You wanted more home haunt features, we're delivering. You want more how-to's, you got it! Your feedback is what keeps this magazine going and what makes us constantly strive to create bigger and better issues. So first, I'd like to thank you for your help in sending us your suggestions.

With this issue, you may have noticed some changes, including the loss of "Dark Confessions". Why did we get rid of it? Simply put, the response from the haunters we asked to participate just wasn't as strong as we would have liked it to be, so for now at least, "Dark Confessions" is gone. Another big change that you will notice in this issue is the addition of advertisements with the articles. We hope, that by including advertisements, we can give the companies more exposure, as well as give you readers something to check out once you're done reading the magazine. Who knows, one of the companies that advertises with us may have something that you just have to have! The last change that I am going to make mention of, is the new department, "Thrifty Haunting". In addition to the regular how-to's this department will feature cheap and easy ideas to create for your home or your haunt.

With that out of the way, this issue is by far, our largest t date! With nearly 50% more than most issues of HauntSearch Magazine, this edition just seemed to blend together pretty smoothly. In this issue, we spotlight two of the newest companies to hit the haunted industry this year at TransWorld, ScAir Structures and Unit 70 Studios, as well as a recap of the show itself from Adam drendel of Haunted Illinois. We have more how-to's in this issue, inclusing a couple of very inexspensive and easy projects for all you penny, er I mean, toe pinchers out there! Also in this issue is the interview with ed Edmunds of Distortions, an article on Eric Pigor's "Toxic Toons", which is a must for any haunter who loves gross humor, Chris Call takes you inside the haunted basement of Jeff Kraft, Kevin Klemm continues his "Notes From The Trenches" article from last issue with promotional tips for your business, Brent Ross, of Devious Concoctions shows you how to create great looking ghost heads out of styrofoam wig heads, Jim Warfield continues his own unique brand of humor with "The Raven's Grin" and to top all of this off, the featured haunt is one of the nation's most contraversial and extreme haunted attractions, "The House of Shock"!

Let us know what you think of this issue. We've gone all out to try and provide the biggest and best issue we possibly could and hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for your continued support of HauntSearch Magazine,
Rick Whitlow


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