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This issue we are going to be discussing publicity, getting the word out on yourself and your products. This is probably the most important aspect of your business. You can have the best product in the world, something that is going to revolutionize the industry, and if nobody knows about it… you’re dead in the water.

Now being a new company, unless you are independently wealthy, you are going to be operating in the red the first couple of years. There’s no way around it, starting up any kind of business is going to be a financial drain on your personal finances. You have production costs, office related expenses, and a myriad of other bills that are all clamoring for your attention. And until you can start selling your product and generating some cash, you are going to be dipping into your personal bank account to pay those bills.

But all is not lost. I have learned a few tricks to generate the much needed publicity at little or no cost to you.

First thing you need to do is create a budget. I like to create a new budget each year. I look over the one from the previous year and decide what worked and what didn’t, maybe shift over some funds from this category to that category etc… Each year is going to be different, and you’ll learn as you go along what works and what doesn’t.

Once you have your budget, you know exactly how much you are allocating for publicity. It is very important to stay within the parameters of your budget, and once you start reaping the benefits of all your hard work, you can funnel more cash into your publicity machine.

Let’s take a look at your website. We touched on a few of my thoughts concerning web design in the last issue. One of them was that I felt that a web site should be splashy. I decided early on that I wanted my web site to have that E.C. Comics vibe. Ed Gein became my version of the Crypt Keeper, a grave robber turned corporate pitchman.

I had stumbled across Creepy-T’s ( while surfing the web, and immediately fell in love with their artwork. Though primarily known for their t-shirt design, I hired them to create all of my website illustrations and to print up some t-shirts for me. I think Brainstorm Studios needs to start looking over their shoulder, because Creepy-T’s is gaining on them. They have the best prices in the industry and I can personally

vouch for the quality of their work. So if you need some web illustrations or t-shirts, check them out.

Now that you have a cool looking web site, how do you bring in the customers? There are a lot of search engines out there, which one do you sign up with? Forget Yahoo, they charge for listing your website. Your best bet is Google ( Everyone uses Google including Yahoo. The best part is that it’s free. Another free search engine is HorrorFind ( You can sign up with other search engines, but I found that just having those two covered all my bases.

Next, you need to link up with other related web sites. Almost all web sites have a links page. People visiting one site may find a link to your site and then come over and visit you. This is a win/win proposition for both of the sites. Some web sites will link up with any or all suitors that approach them, I look at those people as being web whores, but hey…. Whatever floats your boat. I only put web sites on my links page that I personally like, or do business with.

Because of the name of my company, I am periodically contacted by serial killer web sites that want to link up with me. I always reply back to them and explain that Ed Gein is kind of like the Boogey Man to me, and that’s what he embodies on my web site. I don’t condone the real man’s actions, and I only use his visage as a means of creating horror.

I think it’s very important to respond to all e-mails concerning your business. People deserve a response, no matter what the question is. I can’t tell you how many web sites I really liked, that never bothered to respond back to me when I contacted them about doing a banner link exchange. I think that is just plain rude, and I feel it is bad for business. If someone takes the time to contact you, you should take the time to respond back to them.

Ok, off the soapbox!

Next up, business cards. If you have a business, you need business cards. A lot of people think that you need to have an eye catching card, because you can only make a first impression once. Sorry, I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking. It’s

just a business card. You and your work are the ones that are going to make the impression, not the business card. Fancy cards are expensive and more often than not, they are going to be regulated to a wallet or a trashcan. All you really need is a no nonsense business card that lists your name, company, and any other pertinent information that you want to include. I created my business cards online, at Design Your Own Card ( You choose the card design, font, font color etc… and then can view your finished product. Order online, and then have them delivered to your door. Good prices as well.

“Got Corpses?” That was what we had printed on some stickers from Sticker Junkie ( You get 100 stickers for $25, and it’s a cheap way to get the word out about your business. We were passing them out at Transworld-Vegas and they proved to be quite popular.


You want some free publicity? Haunted Attraction Magazine ( and HauntWorld Magazine ( will print your press release in their respected magazines at no charge. A couple of paragraphs introducing your business or some new product, will appear in a glossy magazine specifically for the Haunted Attraction Industry…. And it’s FREE!

Don’t forget the Haunted Attraction related Message Boards. Haunted Attraction Magazine (, HauntWorld ( and our very own HauntSearch (, are just a few of the haunt related sites that have their own message boards. Post a message and get the word out….for FREE!

Do you want to sell your product to various Haunted Attractions, but don’t have access to the owners or operators? Then maybe you should consider joining the IAHA ( The International Association of Haunted Attractions is made up of owners of haunted attractions, along with haunt vendors, who are striving for the betterment and advancement of the Haunted Attraction Industry. You can become a “Preferred Vendor” by offering discounts to IAHA members. Not a bad way to get your products noticed in the industry.

I hope this information is helpful to those of you that are just getting your feet wet. The Haunted Attraction Industry is a lot like a first date, exciting but scary. But hopefully you can see that it is possible to get your products noticed without spending an inordinate amount of money.

I welcome all feedback, so if you have any questions or maybe some topics you would like me to talk about in future issues, feel free to drop me an e-mail at

Take care, and Happy Haunting!

Kevin is the man behind "The Ed Gein Collection" - corpses for all occasions. Be sure to check out his site at


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