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Each month, Dark Confessions asks several haunters in the industry the same question and gathers their unique answers in this article.
This issue's question:
"What Do You Want 'Santa' To Bring You This Christmas?"


Pogo (Demons Of Darkness): "His head on a plate with milk and cookies for ME!"

Merlin Calhoun (Haunters Hangout): "I'm actually a really lucky guy. I don't really want anything for Christmas......but 100 Flex ECT's would be nice!"

Slobber (Slobber Inc.): "A 1950 - 1976 cadillac Hearse in good condition."

Scurvy (Legion Of Terror): "The head of Nipsy Russel."

Jim O'Rear (Underground Entertainment): "The Munster's Koach and Dragula to park in my driveway!"

Kevin Alvey (Gore Galore): "My two front teeth."

Michael Bruner (The Monster Maze): "Peace and goodwill on earth. If he can't bring that, then my own elf so he could make me whatever I wanted."

Steve Meyers (Cox's Point Haunted Mansion): "4 switch mats, 3 flying crank ghosts, 2 cans of Monster mud, and a vortex tunnel!"

Jeff Forloines (Trails X-Scream): "A job."

Mike The Halloween Man (The Haunting At 332): "His head in a big red bag!"

Dreble (Legion Of Terror): "A winning lottery ticket!"

David Oshefsky (Black Dog Productions): "I would like for jolly old Chris Kringle to loan me a crew of elves for Christmas!"

Mr. Maniacal (Maniacal Productions):"A new meathook for my collection."

Morgoth (Legion Of Terror): "A shrunken voodoo head"

Doppelganger (Legion Of Terror): "Arnold Palmer's head......or a trio of blood-thirsty vampiresses. Actually, I'd rather have the vampiresses!"

Rich Majka (ScreamPass.Com): "A genie in a bottle with 3 wishes"


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