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"Terror On The Fox"
Green Bay, WI

Terror On The Fox was chosen for December's featured haunt, and what a way to go out. Terror on The Fox combines creepy atmosphere and unique presentation to create more than just a haunted house, it's a complete attraction, from the train ride that takes you from the parking lot, to the walk through a creepy trail to get to your final destination: a creepy house set in the woods.
Located on South Broadway Road, Terror On The Fox is just the opposite of 'traditional' haunts, in some aspects, it can be considered as 3 different attractions in one, but should be viewed as a complete attraction. Your terror-filled evening starts off on the train, in which you ride in old passenger cars. While inside the train a foggy mist and eerie voice consume your senses, telling you the story behind your journey. The train takes you along the Fox River, hence the name "Terror On The Fox". You must then venture though a dark trail in order to reach the house, which is filled with many creatures of the night, waiting for their next victim(s).
The house features 14 rooms, in addition to three unique themed hallways. There is the "Hallway Of Doors" which will confuse you beyond your mind's limit, there is the "Sideshow Hallway", which features many original "sideshow artifacts" and last, but certainly not least is the "Art Gallery", in which there may be more to the paintings on the wall than meets the eye.
Some of the favorite rooms inside include, but are not limited to: "The Fortune Teller Room", the front room, which is called "The Receiving Room" or "Lobby", "The South Dakota Room", which is a dark cave in which you must pass through on an old bridge to reach the other end, the "Vortex Tunnel" and the "Shrink Tube", in which you find yourself wondering, is it just you, or is the room closing in on you? This attraction also features
scenic lighting everywhere, as opposed to the conventional "black" hallways and rooms.

The attraction is run by David Oshefsky, of "Black Dog Productions", and the proceeds benefit the "Green Bay Prebble Optimists", as well as "The National Railroad Museum" who provides the train for them to use.

"Terror On The Fox" has been in operation for five years, and with a budget of around $80,000, it is no wonder they put on such a great show. The rooms and "sets" are elaborately created with tons of detail spent to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that will leave you in awe. "Black Dog Productions" and "Bad Boys Scenic Design" are contracted to do the set building
for the attraction. Attention to detail is not something these groups miss, from the moss hanging from the cave walls, to the dust on the stairways, this place reminds you of a high-budget Hollywood set.
The price of admission is $11.00, which seems to be very reasonable, considering the attraction you are paying for. I asked David approximately how many people they put through on a good night. He responded by telling me that on a good night they'll put over 2,500 people through. Occasionally, there have been nights where they have put over 3,000 people through in one night, but those type of nights
are "few and far between". David also told me that they have, on average, 9 - 10 people who never even make it through the front door each night. One particular night, when the "Blue Monkey Sideshow" was performing at the attraction, more guests became unnerved before they entered the attraction than any other.
When I asked what keeps people coming back, I was told that throughout the season, they make modifications and changes throughout the house, so that if you come back more than once in a season, you may get a different show each time. It also helps that every April, they tear everything down and start fresh, creating a totally unique attraction year after year, as well as theme changes. The 2002 theme was "Tortured Souls".
With such a rich and detailed attraction, the crew at "Terror On The Fox" has really raised the bar for haunted attractions. If you are in the Green Bay area next October, or if you are willing to travel to visit a haunted attraction, I suggest you make the drive to "Terror On The Fox", It will be $11.00 well spent for an evening filled with fun and terror.
Be sure to check out their website at The site was created by Troy Kelly, who also does web design on the side.

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