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Each month, Dark Confessions asks several haunters in the industry the same question and gathers their unique answers in this article.
This issue's question:
"What would you like the epitaph on your gravestone to say?"


Pogo (Demons Of Darkness): "May the bugs one day feast upon your bones"

Merlin Calhoun (Haunters Hangout): "Here lies merlin calhoun. This end up to hide his full mooon."

Knid the Vicious (Legion Of Terror): "If you can read this, get off of me! It's hard enough to push up this dirt without you on top of it!"

Slobber (Slobber Inc.): "Here lies Slobber. May HE rest in pieces"

Michael Bruner (The Monster Maze): "Loving husband and proud father who believed it was more important to give to the community, rather than to idly sit by and do nothing"

Andrew (Haunted FX): "My Name"

Dreble (Legion Of Terror): "I'm not dead and if you helped put me here I'll get you for that"

Keeba (Hedstrom Productions): "Sausage and Pepperoni"

Scurvy (Legion Of Terror): "Dig Here....I have KFC coupons in my casket!!!"

Matt Oldt (GIYRA Haunted House): " Here lies Matthew. He had so many dreams and hopes, now he has reached the one he most desired."

Mike The Halloween Man (The Haunting At 332): "My body is only dead, my ghost is about to shove a chainsaw up your @$$ right now"

Steve Myers (Cox's Point Haunted Mansion): "Here lies a soul that scared so many other souls."

Kevin Klemm (The Ed Gein Collection):
"Kevin Klemm
1962 - ?
He was 6 ft 4 and full of muscle
until his heart gave out during a bedroom tustle. "


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