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"Riding With The Reaper"

Don't Let Your First Ride In A Hearse Be Your Last!
By Rick Whitlow


Ever wonder what it would be like to travel to your funeral? Although you can't actually know what its like to ride to your funeral, you can do the next best thing - ride in a hearse! Slobber Entertainment rents out hearses for those wanting to feel what its like to ride in a death carriage before their time comes and they're in the back inside a steel box.
Whether you're looking to cruise the streets in something out of the ordinary, or wanting a little something extra to help bring customers to your haunt, the 1985 Lincoln Town Car hearse is perfect for your needs.

The hearse is great for haunted attractions, haunted yard, retirement parties, over the hill parties, special promotions, weddings, films/videos, commercials and proms.

The base price to rent out the hearse is $140 for four hours, each additional hour is $35. For those who want to draw extra attention, a zombie driver can be provided to make your spook-filled evening complete. For additional cost, they can even equip the hearse with a brand new gray and silver casket, to give it that "authentic" feel. Special requests are always considered as well.
The zombie driver has become a very popular addition when renting the hearses. When asked how the idea for a zombie driver came about, he had this to say - "My partner Glenn has always dressed as a zombie. He does great makeup, so I just thought it would be cool to offer this service."
The 2002 Halloween season was quickly filled up, with one half of Slobber's clients being Halloween enthusiasts, and the other half being haunted attractions in the area. While part of the reason being, that he only has one hearse this year. By 2003 he plans on having at least two more hearses, which should greatly expand his opportunities to offer this unique service.
Based in Madison Heights, MI, Howie "Slobber" Erlich, has turned a hobby into profit. This is the first year for Slobber Entertainment, however Mr. Erlich is no stranger to the haunt industry, as he has worked with several well-known haunts in Michigan. The names on this list include, Mutilation Mansion, Screamers, Evil Intentions, Urban Legends and Fright Nights. Not to mention being in contact with many other haunters.
While not working a haunted attraction this year, Howie is focusing on the hearse rentals, at least for this season. He plans on having his own attraction for next year, which he will begin construction on in January of 2003.

No details can be released yet on the upcoming haunt, but what can be said about it, is that "there won't be any gimmicks or tricks it will just be the scariest haunt around". We'll provide you with more details as they become available.

Also planned for January is a horror collectibles shop, rightfully named "Little Shop Of Horrors", which will be located in Livonia, MI, at the Livonia Mall. One of the things Mr. Erlich had to say about his shop is "We will sell some things that you can't find anywhere else."

So in the upcoming year, whether you're looking for one-of-a-kind horror

collectibles, wanting to ride to the graveyard in style, or simply looking for the best scares for the Halloween season, Howie Erlich is the man to go to. With this eclectic mix of projects in the upcoming year, the future looks nothing but bright for Mr. Erlich and Slobber Entertainment. Be sure to look for "Little Shop Of Horrors" if you're around the area, and keep checking HS Magazine for more details on his upcoming haunt.
Fore more information on the hearse rentals you can contact Slobber Entertainment at (248) 797-0676 and be sure to check out their website at for even more photos of the hearse.

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