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Scare Tactics
By "Twisted" of 1031 Productions

BOO! It doesn't always work for some actors in the Halloween Industry, but the thing that helps them out is a little thing called Scare Tactics. There are so many out there and each one is so effective if used properly. Especially for a devoted actor who wants a big scare!!!

The prop method: This is when for example; you have a scene that has a prop in it that really gets some looks. If you're an actor that has an eye for the scare, you could sneak up on the unsuspecting guests and either scare them from the side or even from behind.

The light method: If a room doesn't have a prop that gets Uhhhh and Ahhhs then to get a scare you could use a light to get the attention of your guests. A strobe light really works. You have the "blinking madness" kick on and you move to a spot that once the strobe kicks off, you kick on!

The commotion method: Ok, so you don't have nice lighting in your room nor an eye-pooping prop. This is the method that will come into play. This is were you have a loud noise that goes off or, for example, a fog machine blasts off and really spooks the guests. That's your cue to scare after the sound or plunge out from the fog to really give a ghoulish greeting to your guests.

The maze method: This method is best for animatronics and actors of great skill. Picture your guests going through windy walls of a corridor and when turning a corner their eyes are treated with a man in an electric chair thrashing back and forth or a toxic mutant blasts forth from a barrel. This is always guaranteed to work if timing is right.

Timing method: This is the Golden rule for haunted houses. You could have a room with nothing in it and make it the scariest room just with the timing of one prop, sound, or actor. This takes some experience in the business but once you get it down, you can even scare yourself.

So ghouls and ghoulettes, as you can see, these methods can make or break a haunt. They can be used for scaring in a yard haunt, a haunted house, or even a Halloween prank at your house. And remember, the best way to get a good scare is to have fun doing it. If your not enjoying, then usually the crowd isn't either. Have a happy Halloween, and remember, its almost here!!!

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