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3D glasses

3D Haunting
Create an eye-popping experience with a three dimensional haunted house.

haunted house animation effects

Animated Props
Automated, interactive and animated props, decorations and startling scare tactics.

costumes and accessories

Costumes & Accessories
Adult costumes, group costumes, and costume accessories.

haunted house decorations and displays

Decorations & Displays
Themed items/scene and haunted house movie displays.

gross stuff - scary stuff

Gore Gross & Scary Stuff
Fake human body parts, latex human heads, flesh-tone skin covers, human body forms and accessories.

haunted house supplies

Haunted House Supplies
Haunted House supplies for your haunted attraction or for a Halloween party.

haunted house music cd Halloween

Music & Sound Effects
Enhance any environment with scary music and sound effects.

haunting books, CDs, magazines, videos, how to

Media : Books, Magazine & More
Books, cassettes, DVDs, videos, how to and much more.

Paranormal shopping

Locate items of the supernatural or paranormal realms.

fog machines smokers

Smoke & Fog Machines
Choose from a variety of links offering fog and smoke machines.

Masks & false faces

Put on a new face with a selection of specialty mask makers!

halloween haunted house props

Haunted House Props
Locate companies offering haunted house, Halloween and scary specialty props.

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