Must See Haunts 2014


Over the past decade the number and quality of haunted houses in the United States has exploded. Major technology advances coupled with Halloweens’ importance to retail have brought attending haunted attractions to the forefront. It is now a thing to do for the masses. 2014 will be no exception. There are 1,000’s of attractions to experience from small school and church charity haunts to the mega-amusement park. Most offer a unique experience with tons of entertainment. It is impossible to come up with an all-encompassing list with just 31 selections. We could easily highlight 3 times that many. That said, we proudly present our 2014 Must See 31.  For Full Details on Each Haunt Plus lots more be sure to buy The Halloween Issue (issue 62) of Haunted Attraction Magazine Here!

  1. The House of Shock -New Orleans, LA
  2. Terror Behind the Walls – Philadelphia, PA
  3. Nightmare New York – New York, NY
  4. The Dent Schoolhouse – Cincinnati, OH
  5. Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare – Villa Park, IL / Scottsdale, AZ
  6. Woods of Terror on Church Street – Greensboro, NC
  7. Wisconsin Feargrounds –  Waukesha, WI
  8. The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride – Glen Mills, PA
  9. The Mortuary Haunted House – New Orleans, LA
  10. Brighton Asylum – Passaic, NJ
  11. ScreamWorld – Houston, TX
  12. Lake Eerie Fearfest – Sandusky, OH
  13. Los Angeles Haunted Hayride – Los Angeles, CA
  14. Terror Town – Toledo, OH
  15. Haunted Montrose – Montrose, GA
  16. Wilmington Haunted Hollow Ride – Wilmington, OH
  17. Hanna Haunted Acres –  Indianapolis, IN
  18. Land of Illusion – Middletown, OH
  19. City of the Dead Haunted House – Denver, CO
  20. Nashville Nightmare – Nashville, TN
  21. Fear Overload’s Screampark California – Sacramento, CA
  22. Fright Kingdom – Nashua, NH
  23. Dungeon of Doom – Zion, IL
  24. Niles Haunted House – Niles, MI
  25. Fallsburg Fearplex – Fallsburg, KY
  26. Indiana Fear Farm -Jamestown, IN
  27. Hangman’s House of Horrors – Dallas, TX
  28. Factory of Terror – Fall River, MA
  29. Tagsylvania – Big Flats, NY
  30. Night Terrors – Ann Arbor, MI
  31. Waldorf Estate of Fear – Lehighton, PA


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