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Since 1994, HauntedHouse.com has served as a directory for haunted attractions which primarily operate during the Halloween season. In fact, much of the site's success over the past decade has been attributed to the domain name: HauntedHouse.com which has attracted millions of visitors each and every year.

Under a new management team, our goal was to significantly expand HauntedHouse.com by reaching out to other areas of haunting such as industry, paranormal, real haunted places, alternative entertainment elements and a marketplace where you could find just about anything related to haunted houses.

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Important Info about Featured Links:

1. All Featured Listings are on a first come-first served basis and subject to availability. For example, if you are the first to secure a Featured Listing in your category, you may opt to be listed in the first position. If someone already has obtained the first position Featured Link, you may be in the second or alternate lower position.

2. There are a limited number of Featured Links per Category and they expire on November 15, 2008. Advertisers will have until December 1, 2008
to renew their Featured Listing and maintain their high priority position.

3. Fees are according to the Advertising schedule posted on this site. Due to the seasonal nature of HauntedHouse.com Advertising, Featured Listings are not pro-rated.

(IMPORTANT) If a visitor conducts a search, you are not guaranteed the top position(s) because it may depend on the keywords used by the visitor to conduct the search. Please keep in mind we will make every effort for visitors to use our Directory according to state, especially during the Halloween season.


Category & Subcategories

Featured Listing
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Featured Listing
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Haunted Attraction Directory
Tier I - Top 16 States

- California
- Georgia
- Illinois
- Indiana
- Kentucky
- Massachusetts
- Michigan
- Missouri
- New Jersey
- New York
- North Carolina
- Ohio
- Pennsylvania
- Tennessee
- Texas
- Wisconsin













Haunted Attraction Directory
Tier II - All Other States

Featured Listing
Position 1-4

Featured Listing
Postion 5-10

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- Alabama
- Arizona
- Arkansas
- Colorado
- Connecticut
- Florida
- Iowa
- Kansas
- Louisiana
- Maryland
- Minnesota
- Nebraska
- Nevada
- Oklahoma
- Oregon
- South Carolina
- Utah
- Virginia
- Washington










Haunted Attraction Directory
Tier III - All Other States
Featured Listing
Position 1-4

Featured Listing
Postion 5-10

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- Alaska
- Delaware
- District of Columbia
- Hawaii
- Idaho
- Maine
- Mississippi
- Montana
- New Hampshire
- New Mexico
- North Dakota
- Rhode Island
- South Dakota
- West Virginia
- Wyoming
- Vermont










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